Arie Kadé
GoldClub 20 Year Elite | Emerald Circle 2023 Agent
Emerald Circle
Emerald Circle status is the ultimate accolade awarded each year in recognition of an exclusive group of elite, top performing Pam Golding Properties Agents for their unprecedented sales record


  • 2023 Western Cape GoldClub Agent
  • 2023 Runner Up - Western Cape Exclusive Mandates | Highest Value Award | Branch
  • 2023 Runner Up - Western Cape Agent of the Year | Residential | Category A
  • 2023 Runner Up - Western Cape Agent of the Year | All Categories | Residential, Farm, Rentals or Developments
  • 2023 Runner Up - Western Cape Agent of the Year | Residential | Branch
  • 2023 Winner - Western Cape Emerald Circle Agent
  • 2023 Winner - Western Cape Agent of the Year | Developments
  • 2023 National Agent of The Year Finalists
  • 2023 Runner Up - National Agent of the Year | Farms | Branch
  • 2023 Runner Up - National Agent of the Year | Residential - Category A | Branch
  • 2023 Runner Up - National Agent of the Year | All Categories & Residential | Branch
  • 2023 Winner - Emerald Circle Agent 2023

Arie Kadé

“Be bold enough to know what you want.”

Hi, I am Arie Kadé, I have been working with Pam Golding Properties for 15 years. I specialise in selling property to a broad spectrum of clients in the Constantia area. I enjoy walking our greenbelts and visiting our own wine farms in the Constantia Valley. I live in Constantia with my family.

I began my real estate career part time in 1989. In 1995 I made a decision that this choice of career was for me. I have completed the NQ4 qualification that is required to trade as an estate agent.

I specialise in the Constantia area which is a diverse area to sell property in for variety reasons. Price varies substantially as does the size of land which makes selling property in this area so diverse.

I have achieved Gold Club Elite Status for ten consecutive years as well as having been a top achiever for many years. I have sold the most exciting and expensive properties over the years in the Constantia Valley which is rewarding.

The most exciting part of the job is that every day is unique, you meet different people from different parts of the world and country. One sees the most intriguing homes with exciting architecture. The challenge of matching people to homes and then getting parties to agree to the terms of contract is fulfilling. I enjoy creating opportunities for clients to add value for their family’s needs. I am passionate about property it is in my blood as my father started developing and selling property in the 70’s in South Africa.

I enjoy spending time with my family in Constantia, walking the greenbelts, cycling and of course eating at our local restaurants. Our wine farms are visited by our family on a regular basis, we have a wide selection of wine farms in the valley. I am married with four children who all enjoyed the privilege of growing up in Constantia. The spaces, trees, bird life and views is what Constantia is all about, beauty in its truest form.

All our sales are an achievement for different reasons because each transaction tell a new story, no deal is ever the same as each family has different needs, timing and general requirements that we as agents need to manage and coordinate these expectations accordingly.

Please contact me for professional advice and expertise in the Constantia Upper Area. I have in-depth knowledge of the area. I work well with people and I am a good listener. I am light hearted with a good sense of humour and understanding of your needs. I offer professional services to cover all your property needs in just one click or contact.

Live Remarkable.