Knysna’s name (pronounced Nysna), is derived from the Hottentot word Xthuys Xna, which means the place where the wood is. It was used to describe the Knysna River which meanders through the thick indigenous forest and deep gorges before it finally flows into a lagoon. Knysna nestles on the banks of this beautiful lagoon in the heart of the Garden Route. Surrounded by a natural paradise of lush forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches, property for sale here is very popular amongst locals and investors alike.

When it comes to choosing a house to rent or buy in Knysna, the word variety comes to mind. There are lifestyle estates on Koetzie beach and Leisure Isle which is on the edge of the Knysna lagoon. The Knysna Quays are situated in the waterfront, making life both relaxing and convienent for homeowners and holidaymakers alike. There are a variety of investment opportunities such as flats to rent, vacant land and commercial properties, but spend a moment having a look at our Knysna property listings before you decide what’s right for you.

Popular areas in Knysna

Thesen Island, Leisure Isle,

Areas within Knysna

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Leisure Isle Rentals

Leisure Isle

Leisure Isle is situated in the heart of the Garden Route on the edge of the Knysna Lagoon, linked to the mainland by a narrow causeway. 

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Thesen Islands Property

Thesen Island

Knysna nestles on the banks of a beautiful lagoon in the heart of the Garden Route. Surrounded by a natural paradise of lush forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches.

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Explore Knysna



Knysna features some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the world, through forest, fynbos and along the pristine coastline. The most famous of these are the Outeniqua Trail, the Harkerville Trail, the Otter Trail and the Tsitsikamma Trail. 



There are also many great walks you can enjoy in the Knysna Forest, home to the Knysna elephant.



Host to the Knysna Marathon and accompanying Oyster Festival, this is not the only festival you’ll enjoy once you’ve bought a property in Knysna: Literary Festival, Pink Loerie Mardi Gras, Speed Festival and the Knysna Woodcutters Festival are but a few. 

Elephant Park

Elephant Park

The Knysna Elephant Park, Birds of Eden and Tsitsikamma Treetop Canopy Tours are not to be missed either. 

Living in Knysna


There are no fewer than 11 schools ranging from pre-primary to high school in Knysna.


Knysna Waterfront and Knysna Mall, not to mention the interesting little shops and market stalls you’ll discover. 


Choose from one of four magnificent golf courses, a number of cycle and running routes or any of the other sporting opportunities on offer. This town is a healthy one, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. 


Knysna Provincial Hospital.

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