A remarkable position adjacent to the Pinnacle Point Golf Estate, the shape of the land – that of a wedge – speaks to the name of the development. Each apartment building follows the golfing theme being named after each type of wedge.

Taking reservations now, Sand Wedge and Pitching Wedge sit proudly behind and above the Golf Lodges. The sloping nature of the site maximizes the views. The Wedge bucks the trend and maintains generous living spaces and carefully designed utility spaces in a world where living spaces are getting smaller. 

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The Wedge

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The Wedge features

  • Air-conditioning 

  • HVAC

  • Parking for two vehicles, one garage, the other a parking

  • A landscaped communal pool (heated)

  • Solar will be installed as a collective, thereby reducing the energy usage of The Wedge as a whole

  • Floor-to-ceiling glass façade maximizes light

  • Lift Access

  • Open plan kitchens pre-fitted with quality appliances

  • Enclosed patio

Unit Details


Size from

Balcony size

Price from

includes VAT

2 Bedroom – Type 1

118 m²

11 m²


2 Bedroom – Type 2

121 m²

15 m²


3 Bedroom – Type 1

150 m²

12 m²


3 Bedroom – Type 2

159 m²

17 m²



280 m²

32 m²


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For example Steyn City or Eden Island