Hermon Coleman

Hermon Coleman

Hi, I am Hermon and I am a proud Pam Golding Properties Estate Agent. I specialise in residential and agricultural property sales in the beautiful town of Prince Albert. I hold my Professional Practitioner in Real Estate (PPRE) along with my BA Degree in Business Psychology. With over ten years of property experience in Johannesburg, combined with my love for Prince Albert, I am able to provide my clients with a real estate service like no other. Please get in touch and we can discuss your property requirements!

My love affair with this delightful town began a little over twenty years ago when I purchased my first home here. My partner and I had spent many years sharing our time between the bustling metropolis of Gauteng and the charming life of Prince Albert, until one day we decided to live the dream and settle here. I share my valuable insight with each client, providing them with insight into the local property market, as well as sharing the quaint features and secrets the town has to offer.

Additionally, in a small town like ours, selling property is an all en-compassing service in that one is disposed to providing after sales service to the clients. This can include assisting with municipal accounts transfers, furniture removals, and so forth. I have a strong passion for property and assisting my client in finding them their dream home. I draw particular satisfaction from dealing with foreign clients who are attracted to our town, because it gives me the opportunity to impart my knowledge and to share my enthusiasm for the town and our country.

Like my partner Eric, I also prefer the softer approach and avoid the hard sell tactic. I love to let the process to unfold naturally and without stress, and leaving a lasting favourable impression with my clients. When I am not selling property, I am deeply involved in various forms of healing work, including yoga, reflexology and holistic massage therapy. Through these activities and my sentiment for Prince Albert, I am blessed with an extremely fortunate existence for which I am grateful. I also love to travel both locally and abroad as I enjoy meeting other cultures and creeds and broadening my own horizons.

Live Remarkable.