Douglas Legg
GoldClub Agent
Gold Club
GoldClub status and induction into the ‘Hall of Remarkable’ is awarded to an Agent who has achieved exceptional sales targets and delivered service excellence in line with the Pam Golding Properties brand promise.


  • Boland & Overberg GoldClub Agent
  • Winner - Boland & Overberg Agent of the Year | Residential | Franchise

Douglas Legg

Hello, I’m Douglas and I’ve been working with Pam Golding Properties since 2012. I specialise in residential, agricultural and commercial Real Estate in Greyton and surrounding areas. I hold my Professional Practitioner in Real Estate qualification and am currently working towards becoming a Master Practitioner.

I have lived in Overberg since 1986 and have worked as a Real Estate Agent in Greyton since 1998. Working and living in the area has provided me the opportunity to observe, and be a part of, the growth and development of Greyton and the surrounding areas over the past 20 years. During this time, I have had the fortune of meeting wonderful people who have greatly enriched our area and my life.

I am actively involved in the planning and conservation of our local heritage within our community. I understand the importance of ensuring our residents continue to enjoy all Greyton has to offer, and the town remains equally welcoming to new residents. Being actively involved in the community keeps me on the leading edge of local issues that may impact housing, as well as remain informed about upcoming properties which may become available on the market. My hard work has recently been rewarded with Gold Club Status.

When I’m not selling property, you will find me appreciating everything Greyton has to offer, and enjoying the outdoors.

Live Remarkable.

“A little while ago we found out that my wife was seriously ill and I needed to relocate to Gordon's Bay asap. With Douglas Legg's guidance and support we were able to sell our home of 20 years for a good price and make the move seamlessly.”

“Douglas has an in-depth working knowledge of Greyton and the surrounding areas. An amazing asset to PGP and credit to himself. Well done keep up the good work!”

“We were encourage in our purchasing experienced, Douglas and PGP Greyton took the time to determine our needs and patiently assisted us through the purchasing process.”

“A very good agent, we really appreciated his kind and understand manner while getting a rather tough sale done on time.”