Spectacular Montenegro is a small Balkan country situated in Southern Europe and is often called “the pearl of Mediterranean“.  Renowned for its exceptional natural diversity and varied landscape; with majestic mountains that slip down to the azure Adriatic shoreline to Venetian fortified towns and quaint medieval villages, minuscule Montenegro proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. Besides its popular Residency by Investment incentive, some of the key attractions to buying property in Montenegro are a favourable tax economy, economic stability, and low barriers to entry for new businesses.

Home to some of Europe’s most exquisite scenery, the country got its name (literally, “black mountain”) from the dark, mountain forests that cover the land. 10% of the protected territory comprises five impressive national parks, which are home to amongst others, Europe’s last virgin forest and the deepest canyon.

Montenegro’s enchanting coastline stretches over 293km. Here, the warm, blue waters of the Adriatic meet the dramatic mountains of the country’s interior, welcoming a shoreline of sandy beaches, shimmering bays and tiny islets, crystal lakes and UNESCO protected fjords.

One of the most heartening, interesting facts about Montenegro is that it is one of the few countries in the world to include environmental protection in its constitution. It defines itself as a “civil, democratic, ecological” state.

In addition to being a safe and stable European location the Montenegrin people are warm and friendly. With a year-round temperate climate, there is a vibrant nightlife, offering both traditional clubs, bars, and pubs as well as modern clubs and open-air pubs dotted along the glittering riviera. 


Investment & Taxation

With the government’s commitment to the country’s prosperity in economy, tourism, and investment – international investors are given national treatment, making investment in Montenegro truly a hassle-free experience. Montenegro has one of the lowest corporate, personal, and capital gains tax rates in Europe (9%). There is also a 0% tax on inheritance or free of charge transfers to immediate family members, with 3% tax on all other transfers. Apart from its popular Residency by Investment incentive, this small Adriatic gem is now also offering a limited number of passports to individuals that meet the investment threshold for Citizenship by Investment.


Citizenship by Investment Programme

Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment scheme is open to all foreigners who make a defined contribution to the country and offers the unique opportunity to obtain a Montenegrin passport upon investment – i.e., a donation to a government development fund and the purchase of a property. The Montenegrin passport allows free movement across 124 countries including the Schengen Area.


Permanent Residency Permit

After five years as a temporary resident, foreign nationals can apply for permanent residency which grants a five-year residency permit, with the option to renew. In most cases, permanent residency can be granted to Executive Directors who own at least 51% of a company’s shares.


Important Features

  • Minimum financial requirement of € 350,000 (real estate investment of € 250,000 and a donation of € 100,000 to the country).
  • Processing time of approximately six months from submission of the application to approval.
  • The right of free movement (travel) to Montenegro, Schengen Europe, Russia, and Turkey, among others.


Programme Benefits

  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 124 destinations.
  • Citizenship in an official EU candidate country.
  • Citizenship in a country that is multinational and multilingual, and enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, and a low cost of living.
  • Citizenship in a member state of the European Monetary Union, the NATO Alliance, OSCE, and the WTO.
  • Full Citizenship granted to the applicant, including immediate family members.
  • Political and economic stability underpinned by a business-oriented government.

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Montenegro’s natural beauty is both impressive and inspiring. The entire city of Kotor is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been cited as one big open-air museum. The National Park, Skadar Lake, with an area of 475 km², is known for its unique flora and fauna, with over 282 species of birds and 38 species of fish. In addition, it is home to the "curly pelican" - the only species of surviving pelicans in the whole of Europe.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Montenegro offers outdoor enthusiast plenty of options. From relaxed beach days to the ultimate adrenaline boosting activities, all set in the most exquisite surrounds. During summer outdoor enthusiasts enjoy rafting, biking, kitesurfing, kayaking and canyoning, while the colder winter months are ideal for skiing.



Montenegro’s rich and diverse history has created some of the best traditional food.  All kinds of meat and fish are popular and most of the traditional food comes from organic farms. The average Montenegrin table consists of variations of meat – smoked and roasted, fresh cheese, milk infused delicacies, homemade bread, and pies, as well as the freshest vegetables and salads.



Montenegro enjoys entertaining, playing host to several events, ranging from big-name music concerts to the more traditional folkloric dance performances, as well as festivals and exhibitions. In summer, many beaches are used as open-air venues, while towns stage displays in and around old fortresses.

Living in Montenegro


Spanning less than 1 4000km and with a little less than 690,000 inhabitants, Montenegro is one of the newest countries in the world having declared its independence from Serbia on 3rd June 2006. The picturesque coastline and striking scenery make Montenegro one of the most idyllic countries to call home, with an exceptional quality of life on offer. There is unique modern culture in play and is fast emerging as a luxury destination, being hailed as "the next French Riviera."


Montenegro's southern coastal belt enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate, with 280 sunny days a year. Temperatures vary between 5°C in the winter and a balmy 28°C during the summer. The central and northern regions have a continental climate, where the temperature varies depending on the altitude of the region.


Montenegro Airlines flies regularly from several European destinations throughout the year, with the added advantage of being a short flying time from most major capitals. Montenegro is also easily reached overland by rail, bus, or car. However, it has been said that the most romantic way to arrive in this breathtakingly beautiful state is by ferry from Italy.

Ownership of Real Estate

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate in Montenegro. A 21% VAT is applicable to the purchase of new real estate. Other fees include a notary charge for the Sale and Purchase Agreement, 0.44% annual property tax and 3% resale tax.

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