Reimagining the property auction

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Introducing the evolution of Pam Golding Auctions - another leading step in our property journey, offering our buyers access to a portfolio of select properties at significantly reduced prices…plus the ease and convenience of online offers, coupled with the comfort of personalised service

  • All properties will be priced to sell urgently
  • You can make online pre-auction offers - or place live online auction bids - anonymously, securely and transparently…via Offr, our Next-Gen offer platform
  • Our mobile technology gives you ease, convenience and complete peace-of-mind
  • Our specialist Buyer Liaison team is ready to personally assist you 24/7
  • You can arrange viewings online and download all relevant property documentation
  • Our Buyer’s Dashboard gives you a real time view of your offer/bid status plus that of other buyers
  • All the benefits of a property auction, without the drawbacks
Online Property Auctions with Pam Golding Auctions, in partnership with Offr

Drawing on our network and reputation for quality and service – and amplified through the latest real-time property technology - our innovative online property trading platform will now provide home buyers and property investors alike with an additional opportunity to access a portfolio of properties specifically mandated by our Sellers to secure an urgent sale on their behalf … and are therefore priced to generate maximum buyer interest for a limited period of time!

With this in mind, we’ve designed the Pam Golding Auctions platform to facilitate these transactions with maximum ease, convenience and transparency, so as to ensure your complete peace-of-mind… and to make your next property just that little bit more affordable via our auction pricing model.

We haven’t just reimagined the property auction. We’re making auctions accessible to you as an alternative way of finding your dream home.

This innovative sales platform is enabled by Offr, a unique Offer Processing Engine, delivering a full suite of seamless services that has been designed so as to allow our Buyers to experience a smooth and rewarding end-to-end property transaction, including both pre-auction offers and auction bidding….and, in the process, giving our Sellers a unique new channel to market.

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For further information on selling your property on auction, please contact Tania Smit, Head of Pam Golding Auctions, on 082 378 7990 or

Tania Smit, Head of Pam Golding Auctions