Greek Golden Visa Programme 

This exclusive investment opportunity on the enchanting island of Skiathos, Greece, is an all-time favourite for South Africans.

Whilst it has been a long time coming, we are finally able to disclose early details of the proposed development. After extensive research and investigation, Chris Immelman met with two South African developers who have (a) the necessary experience and (b) local knowledge of Skiathos and doing business in Greece. We undertook a trip to Skiathos and identified suitable development opportunities. Subsequently, the developer secured what we believe to be the best opportunity, … and here we are!

The proposed new residential development on the outskirts of the charming town of Skiathos will offer proximity to sandy beaches, Skiathos town’s picturesque streets, and a vibrant waterfront lifestyle --- providing a perfect blend of tranquillity and Mediterranean charm.

This unique opportunity to invest in Skiathos not only promises ownership of a piece of Greek paradise but also offers a pathway to EU residency and visa-free travel throughout Schengen Europe through the Greek Golden Visa Programme.

Why invest in Skiathos:

🏖️ Beautiful Beaches: Skiathos boasts stunning sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, making it a prime destination for tourists seeking relaxation and natural beauty.

🛳️ Booming Tourism Industry: The island's thriving tourism industry ensures a steady stream of visitors year-round, providing excellent investment opportunities in the hospitality, accommodation, and leisure sectors.

🏘️ Real Estate Potential: With increasing demand from tourists and expatriates looking for holiday homes or retirement residences, investing in Skiathos' real estate market offers promising returns.

📈 Economic Growth: The island's strategic location, coupled with government initiatives to promote development and infrastructure, sets the stage for economic growth, making it an attractive investment destination.

✈️ International airport: Apart from many ferry connections with mainland Greece, Skiathos has an international airport, which connects the islands to several UK, European and Greek cities.  

Meet the development team:

Backed by a powerhouse of expertise, the Skiathos development team combines the talents of South African and Greek professionals, creating a project that not only presents a unique Greek Golden Visa opportunity but also embodies the hallmark of quality associated with renowned names like Stratford Property Ventures, Karapanos Construction, and MWP Property Services. With the strategic partnership of Pam Golding International, invest with confidence as we collectively shape the future of Skiathos.

Stratford Property Ventures: Established in 2002 in Johannesburg, the company has successfully delivered many notable projects. With a current market value exceeding ZAR20 billion, Stratford Property Ventures has a 35-year track record in property development.

Karapanos Construction: Founded in 1972, this renowned construction company is committed to detail, quality, and unique design in both residential and commercial projects. A Greek national with roots in a prominent property development company, Spiro Karapanos, owner of Karapanos Construction, brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Having executed numerous projects in Johannesburg, his international experience adds a unique dimension to the Skiathos development.

MWP Property Services Limited: With over three decades of experience, this company operates as the vehicle for offshore projects and various property ventures. Arthur Messaris, the co-founder, is a seasoned professional with over 36 years of architectural consulting


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