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5.30 ha

Provence Estate: Discover the Beauty

Discover the Beauty: Spread across expansive gardens adorned with ancient trees, Provence Estate exudes charm and character at every turn. Picture reclaiming its former glory as a premier function venue, where unforgettable events unfold against a backdrop of natural splendour. Or consider transforming it into student accommodation, a residential enclave, or a private learning facility - the canvas is yours to shape. A Wealth of Opportunities: Step inside and explore a treasure trove of buildings awaiting your creative touch. From the stately Manor House to the quaint Student Cottages and expansive Main Hall, each structure holds tales of bygone eras, ready to be revitalized for modern pursuits. With ample parking space and two separate entrances, hosting large gatherings is effortless, setting the stage for unforgettable moments. Buildings: Manor House (± 593 m²) Student Cottages (± 286 m²) Main Hall (± 418 m²) Kitchen and Storerooms (± 220 m²) Training Hall (± 165 m²) Slaughterhouse (± 436 m²) Container Ablutions (± 90 m²) VC Cottages (± 88 m²) VC Cottages Ablutions (± 32 m²) Pumphouse (± 10 m²) Abundant Resources: Provence Estate boasts an abundant water supply, with 2,3 hectares allocated from the Kromme River Irrigation Board. Equipped with boreholes and an irrigation system, the lush gardens and riverside campsite thrive under your stewardship. With high-quality filtration systems, the water serves both household needs and garden irrigation, with municipal water as a backup. Endless Potential: Currently zoned as single residential, Provence Estate holds a non-conforming use right for its existing function venue footprint, opening doors to limitless possibilities. Whether you're a visionary entrepreneur, a passionate developer, or a dreamer seeking a canvas for your next adventure, this stunning property invites you to unleash your imagination and leave your mark on this extraordinary slice of paradise. Your Next Venture Awaits: Provence Estate is more than just a property; it's a blank canvas awaiting your vision. With its prime location, rich history, and versatile infrastructure, this estate offers endless opportunities for growth and development. Don't miss your chance to be part of this remarkable journey - seize the opportunity.

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Milner Street, Wellington

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