Daya Sukhdeo

Daya Sukhdeo

“I see you and respect you for who you are.”

Hello, I am Daya Sukhdeo and yes, I am Pam. It means the blood that flows through our veins is green. We are stewards of what you value. We are your bridge between work and rest. Your hunter of dreams. Your wisdom of the past and counsel for the future. Your realty guru in an ever-changing world. Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements.

Work and relaxation are a coherent integration, whether I am catching the sunrise on the nature trails in Hawaan Forest, fishing on the Umhlanga Lighthouse rocks or snorkelling in the Umdloti Ocean, I live and breathe an integrated work and family life. The Durban North golf estates and Gateway apartments are my amphitheatre. Let me help you find a home in which to live this experience.

As a young accountant, I made the assessment that property investments would be amongst the passions I would pursue as I stride through life. It has always been my dream to own a piece of the earth, to take care of it and leave it as an inheritance for my children. When looking for someone to help me comprehend this, I chose the Pam Golding Properties team to help me find my “Patch in Africa”. It was natural choice to choose Pam Golding Properties to be my channel to fulfil my clients dream homes.

I wrote the Real Estate Board Exam as an elective in my B Comp Degree with UNISA, knowing that this path would lead to my passion for the property business. A few years in the corporate environment, spent in South African boardrooms of admired facilities maintenance company, a regional merger and acquisition of South Africa’s automotive battery brands, have all been the training grounds for good investment and sound advice.

My most notable moment thus far has been keeping my promise to a young woman who wanted to sell her beachfront apartment within 14 days. With the help of my team we sold it in 13 days.

Live Remarkable.