Bharthie Gangaram

Bharthie Gangaram

“Commitment, dedication and precision in all I do.”

My name is Bharthie Gangaram and I am a mother to two sons, aged 34 and 31. Dr SS Naidoo is my life partner with whom I share a business relationship in the Sibiya BUTCHER BLOCK Franchise.

In my earlier years, I qualified as a textile designer and was employed by David Whiteheads from 1990 until 1998. Working in this industry gave me the freedom to explore my innovative flair and advanced my business skills.

I further studied at The Beauty Specialist Training Centre and qualified as a Beauty Therapist in order to venture out into the business world. I was fortunate to advance my beauty training in India and work amongst the best in their field. With these skills, I opened my first Beauty Salon in Umdloti in 2000, and a few years later opened a new Salon in Morning Side. 21 years later I am still invested in the beauty business at The Image Studio at The Coastlands Hotel.

The beauty industry broadened my social scope in a number of different ways such as being headhunted by numerous radio talk shows, I've been on a panel of judges for the Miss India SA Beauty Pageant a coveted title of which I was a runner-up in the Mrs India SA 2010.  I've also spearheaded the launch of the first  Alma Harmoney Lite laser machine for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation therapy in South Africa as well as market and promote sales of well-known beauty products.

My extensive work experience lends itself to many possibilities and positive traits which have evolved through the service industry of The Beauty Salon and the partnership of The Sibiya Butcher Block. Some of my greater attributes entail being people-oriented, listening to the specific needs of clients and their importance to fulfill them down to the finest detail. I've learned from the corporate world the need and the essence of networking, the dynamics of teamwork and the art of sharing ideas and giving support at short notice.

My personal lifestyle, my career, and the extensive world travel opportunities in my work and in a personal capacity allowed me to experience many different facets of architecture, to learn about diverse cultures, to enjoy different periods in decor and art forms, and appreciate history. Hence my fascination with homes, buildings, architecture, style, and decor. This ultimately coerced me into the property world.

I pursued a career with Pam Golding Properties where I could enhance my passions. It gave me an opportunity to extend my vision to match people and personalities with their dream home, being the facilitator and go-between for buyers and sellers helping them achieve their goals in a creative way. Thereby alleviating the stress of negotiating and finalizing a business deal.

The above represents my passion for people and my professionalism. The core reason I've joined Pam Golding Properties as my next venture is to combine the skills I acquired over the years in providing potential buyers with a wholesome and personalized brand experience during their journey in finding their ideal home.

In conclusion, I enjoy building relationships, I am easy to talk to, I love people, and I am friendly. I work with integrity, loyalty, sincerity, honesty and dedication. I love a healthy lifestyle, I go to the gym, I dance, I love music across all genres, I enjoy cooking and good food, and, overall, I look forward to making your acquaintance and being of service to you

Live Remarkable.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diane Mariechild