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I am Stellenbosch
I am the wholesome goodness of conscious living
I am the passion and artistry of handcrafted artisanal goods
I am historical heritage preserved for future appreciation
I am knowledge and promise of education at its finest
I am family lifestyle and appreciation in exquisite surroundings.

I am Stellenbosch Agent, Evonne Meunier.

My Pam Golding journey of nearly a decade has brought me to settle in Stellenbosch. After working in a full spectrum of property genres, from Westcliff Herbert Baker originals to Sundowners young families and sought after schools, and learning the trade under some of the greatest Pam Golding Estate Agents in Johannesburg, I have brought my knowledge and understanding to the doors of Stellenbosch. Here I continue to glean knowledge and understanding of the Real Estate industry to offer our homeowners, buyers and sellers an exceptional service expectant of a Pam Golding Agent.

Aside from Real Estate, my career path has spanned numerous fields from Somatology as a youngster to my own transport business, retail and motherhood. I have the blessing of three wonderful children; two teenagers and one young adult who are my life purpose and greatest achievement. I have a particular passion for artisanal and handcrafted goods and love to dabble in this creative outlet. Stellenbosch satisfies this appetite with its offering of local markets, restaurants, coffee shops and impressive world renowned Winelands. 

Stellenbosch offers a versatile property portfolio suitable for every taste and need, from ’top of the range’ estate lifestyle and ‘cream of the crop’ farms to conscientious student residence and extraordinary town living. Stellenbosch is without a doubt, the place to be!

Property keeps me on my toes, with something new to learn every day.