Michelle Berman

Michelle Berman

“A sense of humour combines well with a sense of purpose.”

I’m Michelle Berman, specialising in property sales in the Tokai area and surrounding Estates.

Born in Cape Town but have lived most of my adult life in Johannesburg, and have finally come back home, and what a privilege it is to be living here, there is not a day that goes by that I am not filled with gratitude.

I started my Real Estate career with Pam Golding Properties in 2009, and if my 18-year-old self-had known how rewarding this career would be, I would have started my journey a lot sooner.  Being an estate agent is not about selling properties.. it’s about listing and understanding.  I pride myself on my standard of integrity and know that no two humans are the same, nor are their needs the same, so being flexible with a wealth of knowledge are my strong suits.

After matriculating from Sandringham High School, I studied Clothing Design & Production at Wits Tech.  My first job after graduating was for a jewellery wholesaler as an accounts manager.  I was then head hunted as a gold jewellery buyer.   

My biggest accomplishment to date would have to be mine and my husbands two grounded adult children, who are contributing members of society.  We still say that our Standard French Poodle is our favourite child though.


In summary, matching buyer and seller is thrill like no other, selling lifestyles and dreams.

Live Remarkable.

“Michelle was reliable with feedback and displayed good property knowledge.”

Mr. Grobler

“Michelle was always punctual and displayed excellent negotiating skills.”

N. Christie

“Michelle is reliable, punctual and professional.”

Bill Bodington

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