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Are you looking for the perfect rental property? Whether it be a short term stay of a few weeks or months, or a long-term home for several years, Pam Golding Properties offers a diversity of options to suit your every need. Discover rental properties that support the widest range of lifestyles. From students and young professionals starting out, to couples testing the waters before advancing to home ownership, our apartments and houses for rent offer you the chance to live the tenant life the way you’ve always wanted. Select your rental type below to find your dream rental property today.

Rental Types


Long term rentals

From the modern studio apartments with ocean views to large family homes in leafy suburbs,we offer a diverse selection of long term rentals.

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Let your property

Are you looking to let your property? Perhaps it's a short term occupancy while you're away or a long term income earner within your portfolio. Whatever your requirement our team of experienced experts can help with everything from marketing your property to finding the best suited tenant. Call us today to find out how we can help.