Luke Sweetnam

Luke Sweetnam

Hi there, I am Luke Sweetnam, and an early 2016 recruit at Pam Golding Properties. I specialise in residential property sales in Observatory, Woodstock, Salt River and Zonnebloem.

I received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management from the International School of Marketing Management, finishing in 2014 preceding an International Work Programme in the USA for 12 months.

I began in the real estate industry in early 2016, although Pam Golding Properties has always been involved in my life, from job shadowing at Pam Golding Properties in high school to current family members who work here. It was only natural to pursue my career with the group.

This industry is all about people and we are in the business of people. I strive to help to the best of my abilities and know I have made a difference. The relationships and encounters with individuals is what makes every day new and exciting. Communication is my forte and my fascination, I love different cultures, languages and people and have a great deal of empathy.

I have been fortunate to have travelled the world and met the famous of famous, and I can truly say we are all the same. They relax on the couch, they play video games, and they work hard, and know how to have fun. These are definitely a few of my attributes and I’m sure most are yours too. Let’s get together so I can direct your property needs and you can do a bit more ‘relaxing’ on the couch.

Live Remarkable.

“I have to say that working with Luke has been an absolute pleasure. He was quick to respond to my initial enquiry, he was always on time for our meetings and very knowledgeable and professional without being pushy. I have always hated working with estate agents in the past as my experiences have been very negative. This was far from the case with Luke. ”

- Tracy Gold

I strive to help to the best of my abilities and know I have made a difference