Sharon van Rooyen
GoldClub 15 Year Elite | Emerald Circle 2024 Agent
Emerald Circle
Emerald Circle status is the ultimate accolade awarded each year in recognition of an exclusive group of elite, top performing Pam Golding Properties Agents for their unprecedented sales record


  • 2024 Western Cape GoldClub Agent
  • 2024 Western Cape Emerald Circle Agent
  • 2024 Runner Up - Western Cape Agent of the Year | Rentals by Units | Branch
  • 2024 Winner - Western Cape Agent of the Year | Rentals by Value
  • 2024 National Agent of the Year Finalist
  • 2024 Emerald Circle Agent
  • 2024 Second Runner Up - Dexter Leite Agent of the Year | Rentals by Units | Branch
  • 2024 Winner - National Agent of the Year | Rentals by Value
  • 2023 Western Cape GoldClub Agent
  • 2023 Runner Up - Western Cape Agent of the Year | Rentals by Units | Branch
  • 2023 Winner - Western Cape Agent of the Year | Rentals by Value | Branch
  • 2023 Second Runner Up - National Agent of the Year | Rentals by Units | Branch
  • 2023 Runner Up - National Agent of the Year | Rentals by Value | Branch

Sharon van Rooyen

“I am driven by my ongoing quest for excellence.”

Hello, I am Sharon van Rooyen. I have been with Pam Golding Properties since 1997 and specialise in Bishopscourt, Constantia, and Newlands residential rentals.


With a passion for people, I thrive in the real estate industry. My negotiating skills are a valuable asset to both landlord and tenant. I aim to provide added value to every transaction and nurture the trusting relationships that I share with my clients. My constant strive for excellence has earned me numerous accolades, most notably; National Agent of the Year, Regional Agent of the Year, Emerald Circle status (6-time recipient) and GoldClub 15-Year Elite status.


My portfolio boasts an array of successful long-term lease agreements which stand as testaments to my negotiation prowess, noteworthy deals include; R180 000/month (Constantia), R150 000/month (Bishopscourt), R110 000/month (Constantia) and R37 000/day for 27 days (Bishopscourt).


At the heart of my approach is the belief that providing outstanding service to my clients leads to even greater benefits for others. Get in touch to make your property journey a seamless and gratifying experience.

Live Remarkable.

“Thank you for your super service. We really appreciate your Appreciate your excellent service.”

- Client

“Thanks for being amazing and professional, Sharon.”

Robert B.

“We very impressed by the friendly, professional and prompt response we received from Sharon. It was a real pleasure dealing with her and we would happily recommend her to anyone looking for a tenant. ”

Alan & Maggie M.

“Sharon goes the extra mile every time we need it and always without any fuss or problems. We couldn’t have done any of the rental process without Sharon at the helm. I have honestly never met an agent like her and I am most grateful for her! ”

Caron W.

“Sharon has been fantastic from the first viewing to the conclusion of the contract and the entry inspection. We have had a few maintenance issues that she has assisted with promptly and the service providers have been great. So all in all it has been a pleasant experience. Keep up the good work.”

Craig Carter

“I want to thank you for all your excellent service, friendship and care. ”

Sally S.

“I thank you for your efficiency in getting a tenant and for all the care and attention you have always displayed in the management of my property. ”

- Landlord

“It is a great privilege to be mentored by Sharon van Rooyen, who has such vast industry knowledge and who demonstrates this daily with professionalism and enthusiasm. She is a true inspiration to me as her intern and her success speaks volumes about her outstanding work ethic.”

- Kim Viljoen

“Sharon was professional, reliable and consistent at all times. She always replied to all communication and is a pleasure to deal with.”

Tony Mclaughlin

“I would like to thank you for a flawless relationship in the administrations of the flat over several years. I wish all business relationships could be as efficient and professional. ”

- Client

My personal belief is that if you do good for clients, it will lead to more good for other clients.