Burger Van Dyk

I am Burger Van Dyk

I am Helderberg
I am the ocean's sound of the waves,
I am the tip of Helderberg overlooking the bay,
I am the rustle @ markets and the sound of fun and laughter,
I am the fines grapes from our most exclusive vineyards,
I am the best wine from our boldest wine estates

I am Helderberg Agent, Burger van Dyk.

Hello, I am Helderberg Agent Burger van Dyk. I was born in Cape Town -  lived in the Helderberg area my entire life - was at school in Strand & Somerset West after which I went overseas for 2 years and returned to complete my tertiary studies. I obtained my marketing degree from AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town in 2006 and specialised in Brand & Account Management. I then started my professional career working for the biggest retailer in Africa for 5 years followed by the biggest Social Network in Africa @ the time. For both these organisations I held senior management positions.

I joined the Pam Golding group in 2016 and believe that my advertising and marketing experience will put me in good stead in this industry. I invite you to contact me for honest sound advise.

“Jy is nou presies soos ek my altyd voorgestel het dat Pam Golding se agente sal werk.”

Marita Kuhles