Ronella Joubert

Ronella Joubert

I have been living in the capital city, #my mooi Pretoria, for the past 45+ years. I have an unwavering commitment and passion to treasure my family, build on the success of my career, and to uplift my community.

Intensely interested in the well-being of others, I am kind, patient and inspirational, stand up for the underdog, believe in justice and mercy and love writing and mentoring.  I am a devoted and courageous individual. I am optimistic, thrive on activity and challenges and rarely anticipate failure. I do not vacillate under pressure. I am a work in progress, steered by a vision and purpose way bigger and more important than myself. I have an unquenchable appetite for research and development, I’m an idealist at heart and value trust in relationships.  

Yes, I’m guilty of having my head in the clouds; the magic of hope burning inside of me, believing in a gainful future for mankind; guilty of dreaming about leadership that is stripped from selfish ambition, pride and arrogance; men of honor; and fulfilling my purpose, creating a new reality that subsequent generations will thank us for. Leaving a legacy of moral power and excellence of soul that infiltrates and changes the spirit of leadership and social culture that resonates beyond time and matter.

Welcome to my mind, I live in a world of endless possibilities.


What I do:

To me, property is beyond bricks and mortar, it’s a strategic, collaborative effort to create wealth from a successful property portfolio. It is also a never-ending learning environment in which I constantly gain experience and respect for the power and importance of a written mandate, of ownership, user rights, the content of a title deed, legal boundaries, and being well connected - and if we pay closer attention, will realise the significance of every one of these aspects, running like a golden thread through all areas of life.

With 20+ years experience in the corporate environment, business excellence being the cornerstone to my approach, my key responsibilities as a property professional is serving as a specialist advisor, mediator and marketing & sales partner, being relevant and accountable in my daily encounters whilst networking with the various role players in real estate, as well as the range of prospective sellers, buyers, private investors and developers in my sphere of influence.

I am securely focused on Luxury Residential Developments in Pretoria.

I am committed to serving the industry, our company and clients as an ambassador of our exceptional brand and legacy.

Live Remarkable.

“The greatest reward of a 40-year legacy is seeing the spirit of Pam in each and every one of our extraordinary people. A legacy at your service“ - Andrew Golding, Chief Executive