Irina Laubscher

Irina Laubscher

Hello, I am Irina.

I love properties and I love people. Since I can remember I was interested in houses. In my previous work with international companies and foreign embassies I dealt a lot with office and residential space. Later on I lived in many places and countries with my husband in the diplomatic service. We moved so many times that I lost count. We also built a number of houses together but as my husband does not like building these were mostly my projects and I loved it.

For me it was always very important to find a place where my family felt at home anywhere in the world. In this process the role of the real estate agent is so important. You can make the experience easy and enjoyable or also awful.

We are now permanently settled and I decided to leave my job in fashion and do what I always loved which is to help people professionally to find their Home.

I am working in two of the nicest estates in Pretoria: Boardwalk Manor and Boardwalk Meander and would love to help you.

Live Remarkable.