Friedel van Zyl

I am Friedel van Zyl

Spending time outdoors, roaming the bush and watching wild life is what I like best. Whether it is a tiny red robin or a dung beetle, it does not have to be the big five always. Watching in awe as a thunderstorm gathers in the south, listening to the rumble of thunder and then, the first drops plonking down on a dusty road. If not out there, then at home in a comfy chair through the picture frame window. This is what makes me tick and ultimately sharing all this with people who care.

Turning towards education as a student and young adult, inspired a passion for children and learning in me, valuing growth to witness humans developing into proud and prosperous individuals with own style and character!

Now being part of the Pam Golding family, I truly feel at home with colleagues and clients – sellers and buyers with whom I can walk the whole way in searching, discussing, deciding and eventually discovering the perfect property! Being part of what I know is one of the most expensive purchases in our lives but also packed with emotions when assisting on the Seller’s side.

Doing what I do now fills my heart with joy, combining my passions, having difficult situations to deal with but constantly “learning” and “matching” people and property that belong together!

My wish will be to meet you and assist you all the way in finding the property you have been dreaming of!


I believe in honesty and trusting relationships to ensure success for all parties involved.