Tanya Kinnear


  • Winner - Referral Agent of the Year | Residential | Referrals by Value - Pretoria
  • Winner - Agent of the Year | Rentals by Units | Branch - Pretoria
  • Winner - Agent of the Year | Rentals by Value | Branch - Pretoria

Tanya Kinnear

Armed with an English Language and Literature Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Pretoria, my passion for linguistics, writing and travel saw me embarking on a promising career in academics and writing. As fate would have it though, it was not to be.

I spent the following 3 years teaching children with learning disabilities at a private tutor centre where I made up part of the founding team. Bringing children with backlogged reading and comprehension skills up to speed in the shortest space of time was what I did to the best of my ability. My excellent work ethic, professionalism and commitment to excellence shone through in the young lives transformed under my instruction.

During this time, and due to my passion for cooking I pursued a part-time sous chef position at a prominent Pretoria restaurant at night and on weekends. In addition, and before joining Pam Golding, I founded a cooking school for children at the tutor centre that was very well received by the children and parents alike.

At this point I was presented with an opportunity in Real Estate and jumped at it. As a young woman with plenty experience in the intricacies of human behaviour, I am excited to be able to exercise my unique soft skills in an industry that, in my opinion, requires the utmost integrity, professionalism and dedication!

Pam Golding Properties has been a part of my life, in many ways, for a very long time, and I am truly excited to finally have a chance to flex my Real Estate muscle!

Live Remarkable.

“Tanya has a passion for work and will contribute beyond what her job description requires. She is always willing to contribute creative ideas, time and energy. She has strong leadership abilities and quickly rose within the organisation to the position of Tutor Manager. ”

Natasha Steyn

“Tanya is a very ambitious, diligent women with integrity and lots of compassion. I feel honoured and proud to have her in my team and know we will learn from each other. Together we will achieve even more than imaginable.”

Thea Greeff, Elite Gold Club Agent, Pam Golding Properties

“Tanya has a natural talent for real estate and brings with her a degree in teaching, she also dabbered in drama, all which contributes to her very distinct style and flair for the dramatics. All trades that will stand her in good stead on her property journey! I have no doubt that we will shortly be bestowing upon her, accolades for exceptional results! ”

Retha Schutte

Your aspirations are my number 1 priority!