Andrea Meyer
GoldClub Agent
Gold Club
GoldClub status and induction into the ‘Hall of Remarkable’ is awarded to an Agent who has achieved exceptional sales targets and delivered service excellence in line with the Pam Golding Properties brand promise.


  • 2024 Eastern Cape, Northern Cape & Garden Route GoldClub Agent
  • 2024 Runner Up - Eastern Cape, Northern Cape & Garden Route Referral Agent of the Year | Residential | Referrals by Units
  • 2023 Eastern Cape, Northern Cape & Garden Route GoldClub Agent
  • 2023 Winner - Eastern Cape, Northern Cape & Garden Route Referral Agent of the Year | Residential | Referrals by Units
  • 2023 Winner - Eastern Cape, Northern Cape & Garden Route Referral Agent of the Year | Residential | Referrals by Value

Andrea Meyer

“The most beautiful thing is to make people smile.”

Good day, I’m Andrea Meyer and I have been working at Pam Golding Properties in Port Alfred as an Intern Rental Agent since February 2020. I specialize in residential and commercial rentals in the Port Alfred and Bathurst area in the Eastern Cape. When I am not renting houses I enjoy baking, cooking, spinning and spending time with my family and friends, preferably a nice Friday braai-day or Sunday Roast is always top on the list. Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements.

Working within the Real Estate industry is all about connecting and interacting with people. I strive to ensure that the clients (tenants and landlords) I deal with on a daily basis know that they can come to me at any time for anything. Studying and working with the hospitality industry, before making the transition to Real Estate really helped shape me to be the agent I am today. Working in rentals is very similar to that of the hospitality industry as I aim to ensure the best rental experience for both landlord and tenant. My key focus is ensuring that both parties' needs and wants are met to the best of my abilities and to guide each client in the correct manner.

Born and raised in the Port Alfred area, I have always felt extremely blessed to be able to call this little town home. Port Alfred is a way of life, it has its own special hum that makes anyone who comes to visit want to stay longer. The people you meet are always friendly and welcoming and with the trifecta of beaches, rivers and lush countryside, one always has a variety of things to do from fishing to skiing to hiking, it really is our own paradise.

I am a very simple person; I prefer small town living and having a braai with friends to going up river for a picnics or fishing on the beaches. I love making people happy and enjoy baking sweet treats for my loved ones or delicious Sunday dinners/lunches for us to all gather around the table. I also enjoy staying active by going to spinning classes at the gym, playing tennis with friends during the lovely warm summer evenings or simply lazing by the pool.

There is no better satisfaction than ensuring both my landlords and tenants are pleased with the work I am doing and ensuring that I meet each of their standards set out. Every day working within rentals has its own sets of different challenges and tasks, however, I will always take these head on to ensure the end result is one that no party can be dissatisfied with.

Working at Pam Golding Properties Port Alfred, we are blessed with the most amazing colleagues who are always there to offer guidance and assistance when needed. For all of us teamwork has been engrained in us. This is what Pam Golding Properties is about, trust, integrity and loyalty and this is what I work on daily, to ensure that I am offering these three fundamentals to all of my clients. 

Live Remarkable.

“Andrea, thank you for everything. I know it is business for you, however, it was done with respect, trust and no condescending and or pre-conceived ideas. ”

Seya Shayi

“We’ve had our fair share of rental agents in our lifetime, and to find one that goes out of their way, does what they say they will do, looks after you and your investment, is empathetic to both owner and tenant, and has their finger on the pulse, is a rare find! This is Andrea! Having her look after our property, gives us peace of mind. Thank you for all you do!”

Marijke Davel

“Working with Andrea has been a terrific experience. If you are fortunate enough to have her as your agent, she will go out of her way to meet up with you, she’s available at any time for any question. Andrea is friendly, professional and just a plain pleasure to deal with. Honestly, she’s been a ray of light in my transition from Port Elizabeth to Port Alfred.”

Courtney Phillips

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Luke 6:31