Ingrid Noble

Ingrid Noble

I am a city girl by heart and although lived in various parts of the country throughout my life, Johannesburg was my birthplace and where I lived most of my life.  I am a widow with three gorgeous children, who are my life.  My eldest lives in Cape Town and my two youngest are in the UK.  I have recently become a granny and I am smitten.  My life has always been interesting and somewhat a Gemini roller coaster, but I look back with no regret.  I have so much to be grateful for and every day I am reminded of that..   I enjoyed a long and fulfilling career in Tourism, with me then owning my own EcoDestinations and events company covering most of Africa for over 16 years.  With this varied career and European parents, I have managed to travel across the world extensively and always enjoy sharing incredible stories of my travels.  Exploring is a massive passion of mine and I continue to enjoy discovering what this country has to offer.  

I made the decision, after losing my husband and with my children at that stage living abroad, to relocate out of the city for a fresh start in a different part of our wonderful country.  I was in my early 50’s and it was about my journey now…  After a long and interesting search, with a list of needs, I decided on Oudtshoorn.  I must admit, it was largely based on the amazing heritage home that I found and all that the town of Oudtshoorn had to offer.  I bought through Pam Golding Properties and this allowed me to see the goodness of the Karoo community.

Six months later, not knowing a soul, no official work prospects and on a strict budget, I stood in the somewhat neglected  garden of my 120-year-old home and wondered if I had either been temporarily insane and simply naive to think that this could work.  My home required huge amounts of TLC and would it be possible to restore it to its original state.  Almost five years later I am part of an incredible community and I have never looked back.  My home has come a long way but as many who own an “old lady”, knows it is a lifetime commitment.  Coming from a perfectly manicured home in Johannesburg to a heritage sandstone home, I soon realised that it will never be perfect but what a privilege it has been to bring it back to life and to look at it with pride. 

I took a different career turn from Tourism to the property industry, a few years prior to my move from Johannesburg and just loved it.  I was fortunate enough to own my first home at the age of 21 and through my life bought and sold various other homes.  I love interior design and making something out of nothing. I love the architecture of homes and can spend hours driving being fascinated by the different choices people make when building or renovating.  I started with Pam Golding Properties a few months after moving here, I love what I do and the awesome people that I work with.  I also have a small self-catering guest house and I am involved in the local community.  It gives me great pleasure to be able to uplift the community wherever possible.  Two of the community projects that gave me great joy and fulfilment were organising firstly the Jerusalema dance initiative for all residents of Oudtshoorn in our main street, in a time of a Covid despair and uncertainty and secondly initiating “Candles for Covid” in Oudtshoorn to support all those who have been affected by the pandemic. Proud to say that both initiatives were covered by the SABC and well supported by all. A small town makes so many things possible.   This town oozes history and culture. The architecture is magnificent - I am in love.

Oudtshoorn has changed me in so many ways.  I live a fulfilling life in the Karoo but if you had asked me 10 years ago, if I could see myself living here, the answer would have been a big fat no.  I was ready for this, and the town was ready for me.  In fact, friends and family have come to visit and a few have come to stay, also leaving the city for a more secure and stress free life.  Why don’t you come and stay a while – you will never regret it……

Live Remarkable.