Eve Holloway

Eve Holloway

“Passion is the difference between life and living.”

I hail from the picturesque Noordhoek Valley, where my childhood unfolded like a dream on our family smallholding. Exploring mountains, wetlands, and beaches on horseback, gathering fresh eggs and farm veggies for dinner, I cherished the idyllic moments that shaped my love for this unique place. After a spell experiencing life abroad, I felt an undeniable pull back to "the Valley," my favorite haven in the world.

My husband and I made a conscious choice to raise our three daughters here, captivated by the wholesome lifestyle and abundant opportunities the area offers. The joy of coming home to the sun-drenched Valley after a day in the city, with dreams of trail runs and beach picnics in the evening, is unparalleled. Life on "this side of the mountain" feels like a perpetual holiday, and I am eager to share this experience with others.

My commitment to community is unwavering. For the past decade, I have dedicated myself to running Sweetpeas, a local NPO operating in the False Bay Hospital Maternity ward. Through providing emergency care packages and support for new moms and babies in the community, this endeavor brings me immense joy.

In my leisure time, I thrive on activity—whether it's horseriding with my kids, biking, hiking, or running in the mountains, paddling on the ocean, or simply reveling in the beauty that surrounds us. Family and friends hold a special place in my heart, and I cherish moments spent with them.

My professional journey aligns with my passion for people and community. With two decades of real estate experience, I am proud to partner with Chantelle, a lifelong friend whose integrity, loyalty, and zest for life mirror my own values. Learning from her in this new chapter of my life is an honor and a privilege. Together, we are excited about the many years ahead, serving our community with dedication and expertise.

Having spent practically my entire life in the area and worked in the local tourism industry, I possess a profound knowledge and understanding of the region, making me a valuable resource for clients seeking a home in this extraordinary place.

Live Remarkable.