Wilna Oppel

Wilna Oppel

Good day, I’m Wilna Oppel and I’ve been with Pam Golding Properties since May 2018 .I specialise in both sales and rentals in the Namaqualand area. 

Being well versed in both private and public domains for the majority of my professional career, it has prepared me to be more cognisant of specific client needs and how this links with the various dynamics of location, client adaptability and affordability – all of which I consider valuable predictors of whether a client is fully satisfied with the product and our services.

Springbok, the economic hub of Namaqualand, along with all accompanying surrounding rural towns including Bergsig, Okiep, Nababeeb, Concordia, Steinkopf and Port Nolloth, all contain both hard and soft infrastructure and contextual elements that I am best able to clarify for potential customers that value authentic living, security, and a sense of community above other facets of modern living. Being familiar with Namaqualand and its surroundings places me in a very fortunate position in this competitive real estate arena.

Yet, I am fully aware that each potential client in search of a new home is taking on a journey to evolve their own distinct sense of space. To best facilitate this, I am dedicated to ensure client satisfaction to the best of my ability.

I have been described as being a positive influence on any group dynamic. This translates not only in the authentic and accessible manner in which I communicate with property-seekers, but also in how I assist them in going about securing the best outcome for themselves in an area that I cherish and have provided years of service to.

In the process of familiarising myself with the locale and its ongoing socio-spatial trends, I have done so to an extent where I reserve only the most suitable fit for any seller or willing buyer able to make that big move in buying property in the region.

My career is coming a long way and covered diverse areas of not necessarily expertise, but rather the interest and passion that I had at that time. I had been a teacher for 20 years in a dusty little rural town. I then started a family business and after 8years I have been employed by an International NGO firm identifying ecological nodes of high endemism for biodiversity conservation.  Prior to that, I was also actively involved in the tourism sector responsible for the implementation of a community based project, and then finally into the meeting rooms as a Government official.  

I am a people’s person, young at heart, and can easily connect with people. I am a mother to 3 grown-up gentlemen and also a proud grandma to my two grandkids whom I adore.

When I am not doing that, I am enjoying outdoor life, exploring the roads least traversed. Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements.  

Live Remarkable.

“I hope you will be able to provide insights that will consequently led us to find the perfect fit for our lifestyle and pocket. You are from this area though!! ”


“Thank you for the support you have given us in order to get hold of a property in Springbok. Much appreciated ! ”

Mr.O.Snyders - Steinkopf

“I was very impressed with Wilna Oppel’s professional conduct throughout the entire process. She came across very friendly and composed with substantial knowledge. She displayed all the traits that a good property agent should have and most certainly hold her position with Pam Golding Properties in the highest regard. ”

John Bok

“Your expert advice and good communication skills were some of the factors that lead us to believe Pam Golding Properties was the right choice of agent to purchase a property.”

Mr.J.Bok - Pofadder