Veena A Parmar

Veena A Parmar

“Commitment, dedication and precision in all I do.”

Greetings! I am Veena A Parmar and it is my absolute pleasure to connect with you.


My motive is to excel to strive, leaving an imprint of the highest quality of service towards every client I come across, with an uncompromising commitment towards excellence while demonstrating a strong legacy of loyalty towards Pam Golding Properties.


Having gained a BSc.(Hons) degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University UK, my work experience goes back to four years in banking & fourteen years in accounting & finance. Having a keen interest in real estate, my work experience further extends to two years in property management. I possess a plethora of strong working styles to tackle any task I take in my possession, through to conclusion.


Being a proud wife of a stalwart banker & an even super proud mother to two doting, charismatic, hard-working & resilient girls, my greatest inspirational power emanates from God and my ever-supporting family, my pillars of strength. With belief, faith, patience, perseverance and prayers, I strongly believe that nothing is impossible to achieve. My motto of excellence? “Perfection is not attainable, but if pursued, excellence can be achieved. Excellence is therefore not a skill, it's an attitude. We therefore are what we repeatedly do”.


My greatest focus lies in getting better through training and continuous self-development, to embed a strong interest into every stakeholder I come across and leave him/her feeling better than before, consequently, giving them an assurance of walking out with nothing but the best!


I believe in giving back to society through charity work and my free time is tucked away creating memorable moments with my gems, my precious daughters and my caring better half in exploring nature, meeting up with friends (absolutely unwinding), reading (physical) books, travelling and cooking (an absolute meditation for me).


Let’s connect and talk Property Management! I eagerly look forward to being of valuable service to you.

Live Remarkable.