Carlene Amos

I am Carlene Amos

I am Gondwana Game Reserve
I am the lion’s mighty morning roar and the elephant's evening trumpet
I am the sunset drifting beyond the Fynbos and the crackle of the fire at the picnic spot
I am the fleeting amethyst sugar bird and the Wildebeest frolicking on Zebra plains

I am Carlene Amos, Gondwana Agent

Hi, I’m Carly. I imagine one could say that I am part of the furniture at Pam Golding Properties Mossel Bay, as I have been a part of the team since early 2009. I started out as PA to the Franchisee, and as custom has it in a small town, this had me involved in all aspects of the company.

Marketing, IT, HR and Sales Management, amongst other things, have filled my days and although there are many highlights, some of the most precious stolen moments I best recall are those spent assisting Keith with listings, sales and inventories at Gondwana Game Reserve, just outside Mossel Bay. I lost my heart to this Reserve early on in my time with Pam Golding Properties and almost as a coming of age, I took over from Keith as the preferred agent on the reserve.

Somewhat a Jack of all trades, the years with the company and in the property industry have proved to be a wonderful learning curve which have brought me knowledge, experience and I would like to believe wisdom in the Real Estate arena.

Enthusiastic about everything I do, for me it is about the people. It does not matter whether it is a client or one of our Team members, it is about service, assistance and making processes easy. Helping.

I am qualified with a BA Degree and an H.D.E, specialising in English and Guidance Counselling, as well as the NQF 4 Further Education and Training Certificate in Real Estate. I have embarked on the Continual Professional Development journey that we all are on. I love studying,and learning new skills, so I welcome the opportunity to attend seminars and regular online e-learning.

In my “previous life”, before joining Pam Golding Properties, I was a Software Trainer and Training Marketer in the Corporate environment and so am a bit of Tech junkie. I love gadgets and technology and am always on the lookout for more effective ways of doing things. I embrace the way the market has changed and the fact that buyers and sellers are more informed than ever before in the industry.

I believe that my background and experience within the inner workings of the Real Estate industry stand me in good stead for assisting clients through the process of buying and selling property.

I am proud to be part of the Pam Golding Properties Mossel Bay Team.

“Thanks Carlene for your good wishes going forward and the great support work you have put in on our behalf.”

Michael Wright

“Let me assure you that I do not feel in the least bit pestered or pressured and am pleased with your way of following up. You are in fact a welcome "diversion" from most agents I have been dealing with in the last years, most of which have been pushy, not forthcoming with information, and rarely inclined to answer questions.”

Eileen Bienick

“Willemien was really touched by your warmth over the phone which you have replicated in your email.”

Ron Hurt

“Thanks for following up Carlene. Your service is impeccable as always and I appreciate your assistance.”

Matthys Hattingh

“Thanks Carlene. I appreciate your quick response and assistance, as always.”

Italo Fioravanti