Nicole Philibert

Nicole Philibert


I am Nicole and I am a property consultant at Pam Golding Properties Mauritius. I specialize in rentals and sales in The North and The East. I enjoy travelling overseas at every opportunity.

Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements.  

I am French and moved to Mauritius in 1989, having lived in Paris for the first part of my life. I landed up in one of the nicest parts of the island, right here in The North.

Since I moved here, I have seen remarkable changes that have made Mauritius a very popular holiday and emigration destination. It is a cosmopolitan island where one can meet people from all backgrounds and cultures.

I have been with Pam Golding Properties Mauritius since 2007. The most rewarding aspect of my job is the human contact and the challenges that are attached to finding the right homes for the right client.

I am a big fan of tennis, golf and Formula 1®, which I enjoy watching on TV from the comfort of my home. Being lucky enough to live five minutes away from the beach, I take long walks as often as possible. This is a great form of relaxation as nothing compares to the beauty of a Mauritian sunset, feeling the cool and gentle breeze brushing my face, and being reminded how lucky I am to be living on such a beautiful island!

Live Remarkable.