Brenda Cadle

Brenda Cadle

“I see you and respect you for who you are.”

In 2003 while driving from Cape Town to East London we drove through Grahamstown. I fell in love and by August that year I had made the move. In 2015 I decided to leave Grahamstown. Having travelled the length and breadth of both the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape, looking for a small town with similar qualities, I can tell you that there are none. I have lived in two of the major metropolises as well as some small towns and nothing compares to Grahamstown. I can hear you singing Sinéad O'Connors song “Nothing compares to you……..”. Not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought about my beloved Grahamstown.

Homesickness is a real thing and having realised just how badly I was suffering I’ve returned. Grahamstown and its people are just simply beautiful. The quaint quirky streets and the beautiful Victorian homes are testament to its charm. The fact that you are bound to get waved at while driving home or the fact that you will bump into a friend while grocery shopping and inevitably arrange a coffee date are simply things that do not happen in big cities. The idea of going home for lunch in a big city is not even considered. We have beautiful pristine beaches down the road and we don’t have to fight the traffic to get there. The drive to Port Alfred or Kenton-on-Sea will take the same amount of time but you have the privilege of enjoying beautiful scenery along the way. I love that my skin cracks in the dry cold winters. I love the hot summers and the call of the male Cicade beetles. I love the bush and I love that we are surrounded by natural beauty every day. I love that we have clean air and no light pollution. I love the fact that Grahamstown is a kind community. I love the transience of the students and the scholars. It makes Grahamstown an interesting eclectic place.

I have been a qualified estate agent since 2005. I joined PGP Grahamstown in 2008 and have held a valid FFC since 2005. I’ve won many awards and am proud of my achievements. I worked really hard. I’ve had some breaks in between and have always stayed up to date with the property market. It’s in my blood and I believe in the importance of owning one's own home. I love the integrity that PGP Grahamstown offers its clients.

I’m an excellent listener and it’s in my nature to help. Regardless of your circumstances, let's see if we can make it work. I’m empathetic and logical and will help you make informed decisions when you decide to buy or sell a property.

Live Remarkable.

“Thanks for your comment it is appreciated. But I am the person that must be grateful. You have done so much for me as executor concerning the burglaries. I stood with a red face when our insurance once again made a hash of the claim. I have not recently come across an estate agent that took a sale so serious and willingness to assist. Once again I thank you and God bless.”

Mornay Johannes Human

“We would like to advise that we had outstanding service from Brenda Cadle who assisted us in selling our property. She was informative and always kept us in the loop on what the next step would be and how long we had to wait for the certain procedures to be finalised. We highly recommend Brenda to any seller or buyer. ”

Very pleased sellers: Mr and Mrs Wepener

“Thank you so much to Brenda, Odwa and the Pam Golding Grahamstown team for assisting us in selling our property. Your knowledge and expertise made the whole process so much simpler and less stressful than if we had attempted it ourselves. Keep up the good work! ”

Gareth and Veronica Angelbeck

“Thanks for your email advising us that you had “won the day and were able to deliver the goods”. It was indeed a very welcome message! We are appreciative of your efforts, interest and concerns that have been so evident from the first time we met. We enjoyed your service, which has been excellent in all departments. We will not be slow to tell others who need that quality help.”

Mr Alan