Loraine Blom

I am Loraine Blom

I am Kimberley
I am the Springbok that flaunt
I am like a diamond all shiny and bright and full of promise
I am the pioneer Barney Benato
I am fruitfull like Klaver Patato
I am the rich history of the McGregor Museum

I am Kimberley Agent, Loraine Blom

My name is Loraine. I am PAM in the true sense of what Pam Golding was all about - PASSION, passion in the service of people and for sound business ethics.

I am a mother and a wife, an Estate Agent for the most trustworthy Estate Agency in the world. I have experience in the Insurance Industry and in managing my own business.

What sets me apart from other agents is my passion. Passion for people and good service and making people happy. I like to live my life to the fullest, like there is no tomorrow. I take pride in myself and my service and commitment to others. Life is not always fair, so you need to make the most of it. Seek your own happiness and peace. If you are down, it is your choice to stay there.

My motto - if the sun shines on you, I will stand a bit closer to catch some of the sun’s rays. 


“My house was sold in one day.”


“Very nice inter personal skills. She knows how to work with buyers.”


“SHE DOES NOT GIVE UP - Begged me 3 months for a Sole Mandate.”


“Loraine is a happy person and does what she offer to do.”


“Sunday morning at 8 o clock she showed me a property, the only time I had - no other Agent was prepared to do that.”