Kathleen Scott

Kathleen Scott

“Let your soul sing your song.”

My name is Kathleen Scott and I have been an agent with Pam Golding Properties in East London since 2007.

I grew up in Port Elizabeth and after completing my schooling, I pursued my tertiary education in Port Elizabeth and qualified as a senior primary school teacher.

Following the completion of my studies, I decided to embark on my teaching career in East London. This was a gratifying period in my life, allowing me to combine my love for working with children with my desire to assist in the personal development of young learners.

Working in a dynamic environment I found that I embraced the challenges and joys of teaching.

I had, however, always had a desire to explore the world and seek out new horizons.

Responding to my wanderlust, I decided to pursue a career as an air hostess. This exciting chapter in my life opened up a world of adventure and allowed me to travel to numerous countries and immerse myself in diverse cultures. Through this experience, I broadened my perspective and cultivated a deep appreciation for the beauty of human diversity.

After many years of exploring the skies, and foreign countries, I eventually returned to East London and embraced a new phase in my life.  I got married and became a devoted mother to three precious daughters.  This period of life gave me immeasurable joy and allowed me to focus on my family and create a nurturing environment for our children. They are all grown up now, and are also spreading their wings far and wide.

My passion for people led me to a career in real estate, as it is largely about interacting with people and not solely about property .  Being a part of Pam Golding Properties resonates with me on a personal level because the ethical values of the group, rooted in the principals of the iconic founder, Mrs Pam Golding, align with my own beliefs.  Being an estate agent is about more than just transacting on a financial level.  It encompasses an understanding of the people involved and the personal dynamics that accompany each home that you market.  Real estate is intimately tied to the dreams, aspirations and lifestyles of individuals and families.

I love the diversity of the people that we encounter in this profession and I strive to provide them all with an empathetic and professional service to make the process of buying or selling  a property an enjoyable experience.

My life’s journey has taken me on various paths, each one contributing in different ways to personal growth.  My experiences as a teacher, air hostess, wife, mother and estate agent have shaped me, and instilled in me an awareness and gratitude for the beauty of life, and living and loving each day to the full.

I am passionate about people and appreciate the intricacies of the property market and the ever-changing dynamics of the profession.  I look forward to contributing to the dreams and aspirations of individuals and families as they embark on exciting new chapters in their lives.






Live Remarkable.

“Kathleen was an excellent agent who assisted beyond her duties.”

Ivy Mitchell

“Kathleen was extremely efficient and helpful throughout the process of the sale of my home.”

Debbie Fisher

“Agent went beyond expectations to find a home suitable to my needs.”

Bev Perks

“After dealing with many agents, I can say that Kathleen is in a different league.”

Murray Purdon

“I dealt with many agents this year and Kathleen far outshone them.”

Janine Pape