Shobanie Singh

Shobanie Singh

“Let your light shine brightly.”

I understand the emotions and sentiments associated with selling a home that is part of a family and holds life events. My goal is to treat the property with respect and introduce buyers to it. Having a team of property professionals support me is equally important as communicating with buyers and understanding their needs.


Due to my background in telecommunications and customer service, I'm able to focus on customers, truly understand their needs, and align customer service solutions, a core value of our excellent brand. It is essential to be disciplined, organized, and business-oriented to succeed.


The uniqueness of my brand comes from being different, customer-oriented, and creating an exceptional customer experience. I enjoy negotiation and have honed this valuable skill over the years.



Live Remarkable.

“From your first interaction with me, you have been the perfect example of professionalism and efficiency. I am very grateful for the quick response in finding a buyer, the fluid handling of all admin, your quiet kindness and your attention to detail. Thank you, again. it is much appreciated. I cannot stop singing your praises and I will certainly be recommending you to friends and family, should the need arise. I wish you success and happiness, always.”


“"I would like to take this opportunity to thank and to appreciate you with the good service and support you provided me with as my agent throughout the process of my property purchase. You made it a very easy journey for me, and as a first independent buyer, you provided me with every information I needed without complaints even when you had to repeat the very same thing over and over again. I am really thankful Shobanie for your dedication in your work and I wish you all the best for the future." ”

Mary Tuletu Zito, Cedar Court