Belinda Larson
GoldClub 5 Year Elite Agent
Gold Club
GoldClub status and induction into the ‘Hall of Remarkable’ is awarded to an Agent who has achieved exceptional sales targets and delivered service excellence in line with the Pam Golding Properties brand promise.


  • 2024 Western Cape GoldClub Agent
  • 2023 Western Cape GoldClub Agent

Belinda Larson

“A sense of humour combines well with a sense of purpose.”

Hi there, I am Belinda and I specialise in long-term residential letting in the City Bowl and Woodstock areas in Cape Town.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and after teaching in London for 13 wonderful years, I finally returned to South Africa. I have been with Pam Golding Properties since 2014. I first began my real estate career in Hyde Park, Johannesburg and I joined the City Bowl Rentals team in 2018. 

One of the things I enjoy most about my job as a real estate agent is working with people. As someone who is passionate about helping people find their perfect home, I firmly believe that the rental process is also about providing my clients with an experience that brings happiness and fulfilment.

Each day in real estate brings new challenges and opportunities, which keeps my passion for property alive. It's always a thrill to see a deal come together knowing that I played a crucial role in it.

As an agent, my ability to lead, engage and converse with people benefits both landlords and tenants. By connecting with my clients through humour and building trust with professionalism and integrity, I am able to establish strong relationships. My reliability and honesty are critical skills that have served me well throughout my career.

During my free time, you can find me outdoors, often at the beach with my family and friends. I also enjoy running, reading and travelling.

Live Remarkable.

“Belinda is an extremely competent, accurate, super reliable, patient agent you immediately befriend and trust. Belinda goes the extra mile for both the landlord and the tenant and you can see she is truly passionate about her work and all her clients.”

- Stefania F. (landlord)

“Fun loving and professional: Belinda always delivers!”

- (Landlord)

“I wish Belinda every success in her new venture in real estate – always quick with a laugh and smile, she manages to put you at ease straightaway. An absolute pleasure doing business with her. Real Estate needs more agents like Belinda”

 – Tenant

“Belinda is a fantastic agent. I’ve had such a burden taken off my plate since she became the agent that I deal with. She is always attentive, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve been most impressed with her exceptionally high standard of service. A true testament to the values of your company! ”

Lereshin N.

“Belinda was most helpful, informative and caring when we wanted to rent our home out for the first time.”

- Landlord

“Belinda Larson is a dream to have as a rental manager. Attentive, quick to respond to mails, caring and funny. ”

- R. de Villiers (landlord)

My main objective is to serve my clients with professionalism and integrity, while at the same time ensuring I am compassionate and understanding during the process. I believe the more effort I can provide ensures all my clients’ get the service they deserve.