Anton van der Merwe

I am Anton van der Merwe

I am Ballito
I am a dawnie shared with dolphins at Sunrise.
I am a scenic stroll along a meandering promenade.
I am an exquisite manor on Willard’s Beach and Thompson’s Bay.
I am a shoppers delight for everything bright.
I am a Mozambican banquet upon a boat under the stars.
I am impromptu parties and gastronomic delights.

I am Ballito agent, Anton van der Merwe.

I am your first choice and your last resort, I am your night in green armour, I am part of the most amazing Team in BALLITO, I am the hope that you can cling to, I am the name that you call in times of doubt, I am the re-assurance that only comes with knowledge and experience, I am here to guide, deliver and nurture your requirements, to back your demands and complete the most gruelling of quests. My name is Anton van der Merwe and remember it well, no matter the market, whether you looking to buy or to sell.  Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements.

I will turn over every rock and scour every inch of land in my search to find your perfect home, one that matches your needs and accentuates your desires. My ability to communicate and understand your every need and desire stems from the combination of a sincere passion for property and architectural brilliance, with a keen eye for detail and a wealth of construction knowledge developed through having completed 50+ complete renovations, whilst still being actively involved by maintaining an influential role as a mentor and counsellor in the real estate profession.

I have been actively marketing real estate in Ballito since 1988. I have watched and contributed towards the rise to this magnificent Empire of Ballito, with a passion none can match with my heart set on this single desire, to match your live style, personality’s and needs with one of our spectacular coastal homes, high on our cliffs, or down at the water’s edge, overlooking lush, indigenous vegetation, sandy beaches and touched by a North Coast breeze. I take great pride in what I do and always strive to do my utmost best.

“Thanks for being such a great Agent. It was very nice doing business with you!”

Maria Rassloff