The Silver Coast, known among locals as Costa da Prata, is often named among the top tourist destinations in the world. This secluded beach paradise, while still connected to major world destinations, has maintained a distinct hold on its Portuguese culture and way of life. The Silver Coast is home to long idyllic beaches overlooked by rocky cliffs and a handful of authentic Portuguese towns. As a destination on the rise, the Silver Coast has one of the fastest growing property markets in Europe and offers many investment opportunities.

One of the reasons why the Silver Coast is becoming so in-demand is due to its less crowded beaches of equal quality to its counter parts in the more populous Algarve. Along with this benefit, the Silver Coast holds true insight into the Portuguese ways of life and all that the culture has to offer.

The Silver Coast has excellent investment potential for a number of reasons. This picturesque holiday destination is not far from Lisbon airport and as new road developments continue to grow, the Silver Coast has gains higher appreciation potential. Many residents choose the Silver Coast as their second home, as property prices offer higher value when compared to Lisbon or the Algarve. There has also been an increase in hospital facilities and international schools in the area, creating an even bigger pull to this coveted area.

Targeted for strategic tourism development, the Silver Coast is a recommended investment area as prices will continue to rise as popularity increases. Planning regulations intend to restrict developments that are too close to the beachfront so that the Silver Coast will not become an overdeveloped area. Other aspects that make the Silver Coast an attractive destination lies in its appeal to sportsmen – it has held the Rip Curl world surfing championship on its beaches and is also home some of the best rated golf courses in the whole of Portugal.

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“Portugal’s Silver Coast, a stretch of spectacular coastline that runs for approx 150 km north of Lisbon up towards the fishing town of Nazare, is now a popular second home destination for buyers in search of ‘the real Portugal’, since this area offers exceptional value in terms of property prices, a low cost of living and a growing expat community.”

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Nazaré is a popular seaside village among tourists and surfers alike, due to its perfect sandy beaches juxtaposed by steep cliffs. It is not uncommon to see locals – who enjoy a very relaxed lifestyle - wearing traditional Portuguese garments, a real cultural treat. Visitors can enjoy fishing trips on local boats or peruse the beachside bars, restaurants and shops. São Martinho do Porto, voted the best golf resort in Europe, is also nearby.



The Silver Coast is extremely popular among the golfing community and any property near these courses are shrewd real estate investments. The 13th best golf course on the continent, Praia D’El Rey Golf Resort and the newer Bom Sucesso Beach Resort, which has an 18-hole (72 par) course, are some of Silver Coast’s favourites. Other courses include the Penha Longa Golf Course, the Quinta da Marinha Golf Course and the Quinta do Peru Golf Course.



The town of Obidos has a very rich history and has thus been named a national monument. As a result, this medieval town has preserved its original architecture, with narrow cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses; it is a sight to behold. The castle of Obidos, now a historical hotel, is one of the 7 wonders of Portugal. Popular Obidos events include the annual Medieval Fair in June and the International Chocolate Festival in November.



Peniche offers an array of attractions for visitors including its must-see Fortress. Visitors should try some of the fine restaurants that serve Peniche’s famous ‘sweated lobster’ or embark on a diving expedition to the Berlangas Islands, which is part of the Nature Preserve of the Berlengas Archipelago, accessible by boat. The vast beach Medao Grande is home to ‘super tubes’ which attract surfers from all over the world.

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Some of the best food along the Silver coast can be found in the seaside villages of Nazaré and Obidos. Home to unique and appetizing dishes of seafood delicacies that can only be tried in Nazaré, visitors will find restaurants and small cafes along the shoreline. Favourites include fresh mussels at O Santos or grilled sardines at Restaurante Sao Miguel. In Obidos, visitors can try Ginjinha, a Portuguese liquor, or Obidos style pork loins.


The Silver Coast has maintained its traditional charm in that many towns’ centres and high streets house shops that have been run by local families for generations. These areas satisfy any eclectic and unusual shopping needs and are often lined with cafés on every other street corner. It is not uncommon to find many markets in the Silver Coast area. In addition to this, there are larger more commercial shopping centres and stores to be explored.


The Silver Coast is judged by many as having a perfect climate, mainly owing to mild winters with an average daytime temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and a pleasant 27 degrees Celsius average in the summertime, owing to the cool Atlantic breeze. To add to this desirable climate, the Silver Coast sees almost 275 days of sunshine a year. While the water is cold, the beaches are sheltered by cliffs, creating enjoyable sun-traps.


While it is best to navigate the different towns along the Silver Coast by car – which is the most time efficient and flexible means of transport - it is possible to travel between larger towns and the city of Lisbon via public transport, for example between Obidos and Lisbon. Whilst driving, it takes approximately and hour, give or take, to reach Lisbon by car from a number of Silver Coast towns such as Obidos and Peniche.

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