The area between Algarve’s two high-end golf resorts - Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago - with the town of Almancil at its tip, is often referred to as the Golden Triangle which is the most affluent tourist area of the Algarve. It has an abundance of luxury accommodation in beautiful settings and some of the best golf courses and beaches in the Algarve. Its desirable location is attractive to potential buyers as the Algarve is only 20 minutes from Faro International airport and approximately two hours from Lisbon by car.

Many of the Algarve’s areas have been developed as luxury resorts, complete with a selection of restaurants, designer shops and excellent sports facilities, suitable for families.

The Quinta do Lago resort, situated on the edge of the Ria Formosa nature reserve, is one of the most exclusive developments in southern Europe. Established more than 40 years ago and spread over 800 hectares, this resort is home to over 550 villas, some of which are privately owned, and three outstanding golf courses.

Another highly sought-after resort, the Vale do Lobo, was the first development in the Algarve and is the largest luxury resort of its kind in Portugal. With a total area of 450 hectares and approximately 1,500 residential and holiday properties, Vale do Lobo is a self-contained community offering endless facilities and services in a unique location.

The resort has an enviable portfolio of sports and leisure facilities including two 18-hole golf courses - the Royal and the Ocean - and a diverse line-up of entertainment events throughout the year, not to mention 24-hour security vigilance and medical assistance. The outstanding facilities and exclusive location make Vale do Lobo the ultimate year-round family destination.

Sagres, arguably one of the Algarve’s most scenically beautiful areas, is home to the Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel. For more information, see the Explore section.

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“The Algarve's sunny shores offer perfect escapes for all types, from those seeking the hot nightlife of flashy, energetic Lagos to those desiring secluded stays in rambling Sagres.”


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This resort offers spacious and stylishly designed family houses, from private villas to Village Houses, which are furnished and equipped to the highest standards and offer opt-in daily maid service. This resort has been designed with families in mind and children of all ages are especially welcome. The resort’s wealth of amenities includes tennis courts, paddle courts, a spa and free Wi-Fi throughout the resort.

West Coast

West Coast

Algarve’s western coast has an element of wildness as nature dominates. Its many secluded coves and beaches are ideal for residents to explore. The village of Sagres, with its white fort atop red-hued cliff, has beaches popular among surfers, namely Praia da Bordeira and Zavial. Residents can spot dolphins whilst walking along the paths of Sagres’ cliffs while The Martinhal Resort offers families a base from which to explore this unique coast.

Central Algarve

Central Algarve

The most developed part of the Algarve’s coast can be found along the central strip between Faro and Albufeira. This area is popular due to its spectacular beaches and their facilities as well as the many activities that can be found at Algarve’s centre. It is a popular area for golfers as world-class courses, such as the one at Quinta do Lago, are based here. While is it a developed area, there are areas that are reminiscent of the old Algarve.

East Coast and Inland

East Coast and Inland

The East Coast is home to the Ria Formosa nature reserve and many island lagoons and delicate beaches. Quieter than other parts of the Algarve, the east coast has less large-scale development and its architecture and atmosphere are more indicative of the Algarve’s true culture and history. It is home to a lot of wildlife including the unique Portuguese water dogs. Inland, residents will find green hills and untouched landscapes.

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The Algarve, home to many award-winning restaurants, is known for cuisine that makes use of local seafood and produce. Common starters include smoked swordfish and deep fried sardines with the most popular Algarvean dish being the cataplana which is a stew of clams, pork, onions, tomatoes and wine. Some of the best culinary treats include Algarve’s delicious desserts and pastries, often made using local carob and almond ingredients.


There is never a dull moment in the Algarve, as residents have a plethora of activities at their fingertips. For avid golfers, the Algarve offers over 37 acclaimed courses to be played year round, some of which are among the best in Portugal. There are also many festivals within the cities and smaller rural towns that provide unique entertainment as well as cultural experiences. There are daily food markets in majority of the Algarve’s towns.


The Algarve is one of Europe’s sunniest places with enjoyable weather year round. August is the hottest month where temperatures often reach the high 30 degrees Celsius. Summer months are high season in the Algarve however winter has become popular among many surfers and other adventurers as clear conditions and mild temperature create ideal conditions for sky-diving and other similar activities.


There are many ways to travel in and around the Algarve, ranging from driving to public transport such as the use of buses or trains. There are two main roads that extend the width of the Algarve. The best way to travel without a car is to use the bus system as buses are more likely to reach more obscure destinations. Trains are the ideal choice when travelling to more popular destinations. It is also very easy to reach the nearby airport by bus.

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