The Namibian town of Swakopmund lies on a river mouth, lapped by the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by the Namib Desert’s iconic sand dunes. Established 2 years after the city of Windhoek in 1892, Swakopmund is home to the capital harbour of German South West Africa and considered Namibia’s main seaside town. 

Against the backdrop of desert and sea, this small town has grown in both population and popularity and today is home to 42 000 residents. Houses for sale in Swakopmund vary from expansive mansions to modern compact homes which are favoured by retirees or those working in the local industries. Flats to rent in Swakopmund are sought after by holiday makers who enjoy the town’s seaside appeal and various sports facilities including the Rossmund Desert Golf Course. 

German influence manifests itself in the local architecture and many residents are German-speaking, lending a warm community atmosphere and unique charm to this small town. The Uranium mining industry has played a major role in stimulating the local economy, which in turn has seen an increase in the value of Swakopmund property. This lucrative growth has piqued the interest of international investors who are drawn in by the promising real estate opportunities. Swakopmund property also provides great prospects for those looking to develop or renovate existing land. If you’re excited at the thought of owning your own property in Swakopmund, read on to learn what Pam Golding Properties has to offer.

Explore Swakopmund

Annual events and activities

Annual events and activities

Make sure to diarise the annual Old Mutual Victory Race marathon as well as the Kuste Karneval street parade and Swakpomunder Musikwoche. Other attractions and activities include the National Aquarium, Camel Farm, sky diving and hot air balloon rides. 

Food and nightlife fun

Food and nightlife fun

Swakopmund is dotted with various coffee shops, nightclubs, bars and local pubs. Many restaurants here are well-known for their delicious fresh seafood and traditional German cuisine. 

Nature and hiking

Nature and hiking

Head to the dunes near Long Beach to enjoy a quad biking or sand boarding adventure. Here you can also embark on guided tours of the world-renowned Namib Desert, ocean cruises in Walvis Bay or while away the afternoon on the beach, either fishing or catching some rays. 

A touch of culture

A touch of culture

Immerse yourself in the history of the area by visiting the following areas of cultural interest: The Jetty, Knight’s Castle or the Lighthouse. Other notable establishments include the Old Courthouse, Hohenzollern House, the Antonius Hospital and the Swakopmund Museum. 

Living in Swakopmund

Areas near to Swakopmund



Properties for sale in Swakopmund are ideally situated close to 12 schools within the area, including Swakop Primary, Atlantic High, DRC School, Namib High School and Vrede Rede School. The town also plays host to one of the 5 campuses of the International University of Management. 


Cottage Private Hospital, Swakopmund Hospital, Bismarck Medical Centre and the local Mediclinic service the community along with a range of local GPs and specialists.


Catering to visitors and residents alike, shopping options in Swakopmond include small independent stores with the everyday essentials as well as two well-equipped malls; The Pick n Pay Shopping Centre and Woerman Shopping Mall.


Owning a Swakopmund property will afford you easy access to the town’s domestic airport and the international airport in nearby Walvis Bay. The Trans-Kalahari highway passes through Swakopmund, connecting with inland towns and neighbouring countries. There is also a rail connection to Swakopmund.

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