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Swimming Pool




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Guest Rooms






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Erf size:
9,400 ha
Borehole (Electric),
Land usage:


  • Main bedroom with screeded floors
  • Bedroom 2 with screeded floors
  • Bathroom 1 with screeded floors
  • Bathroom 2 with screeded floors
  • Exterior features including undercover patio
  • Swimming pool

Embrace Serenity in the Heart of Pristine Nature

A beautiful nature conservation farm, set amidst a very scenic landscape, is a pristine and idyllic retreat where nature's splendour takes centre stage. Nestled in a remote and unspoiled area, this farm encompasses 9,400 hectares of unadulterated natural beauty. It's a haven for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and immerse themselves in the serene embrace of nature. The landscape of this farm is nothing short of breathtaking. Rolling hills covered in lush savannah land stretch as far as the eye can see. This farm is a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife. You'll often spot mountain zebra, oryx, springbok and a variety of bird species in their natural habitat. A cosy farmhouse, offering all the necessary amenities. The house is graced with a spacious stoep, where you can savour sunsets and enjoy the symphony of nature. Eco-conscious additional buildings to the farmhouse: 1. Guestroom Area - Adjacent to the Farmhouse. This comprises two guest rooms and offers comfortable accommodations. Guests share a common bathroom. The farmhouse's proximity makes it convenient for visitors to access essential amenities. 2. Bottle House, which is constructed using an impressive 30,000 recycled bottles, this unique eco house stands as a testament to sustainability. This eco-conscious design is the hallmark of this dwelling. 3. The Sandbag Staff Quarter is constructed with sandbags, showcasing innovative and environmentally friendly building techniques. Ideal for accommodating farm staff and workers and is designed with sustainability in mind. 4. The Mobile Comfort Sleepout is a cosy sleepout with a mobile bed, shower, and toilet facilities. It features a small cooking corner for added convenience. Perfect for those who appreciate a closer connection to the natural surroundings. 5. Rustic Nature Sleepout offers a back-to-basics experience. The perfect choice for guests who want to fully immerse themselves in the natural setting. 6. Wilderness Escape Sleepout is designed to provide a rustic and adventurous stay. Guests will experience the raw beauty of the environment. This property reflects a commitment to sustainable living and a deep connection to nature, where innovative building techniques coexist with a desire to provide guests with a unique and eco-friendly experience. The farm is dedicated to responsible land stewardship, committed to preserving and protecting the delicate balance of its ecosystem. It actively participates in wildlife conservation programs and encourages sustainable farming practices. This nature conservation farm with its very scenic landscape is a haven for those who yearn for a deep connection with the natural world. It offers the opportunity to experience the unspoiled beauty of nature, observe wildlife in its element, and unwind in a setting that is nothing short of a living postcard of nature's finest artistry. 15km from Solitaire, 250km from Windhoek and 280km from Swakopmund.

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