Vallerie-Ann Spathelf
GoldClub 5 Year Elite Agent
Gold Club
GoldClub status and induction into the ‘Hall of Remarkable’ is awarded to an Agent who has achieved exceptional sales targets and delivered service excellence in line with the Pam Golding Properties brand promise.


  • Second Runner up - ECape GRoute & NCape Rental Office Award | Franchise
  • Winner - ECape GRoute & NCape Most Improved Office | Franchise

Vallerie-Ann Spathelf

Hi, I am Vallerie-Ann Spathelf. I am always at the right place at the right time, and if I’m not, I’m probably still stuck at the previous right place. I am always on the go, always ready to help. I am your go-to person. 

As a business woman with a diverse background in the business industry, and previous owner of a number of successful enterprises, it made me a combination of a being sympathetic understanding mediator for the family buying a residential home, or a profit driven entrepreneur or executive dealing with an investment.

I have, as a wife, mom, friend, and domestic engineer, an understanding of the active part of wide and diverse networks and it allows me to bring my entrepreneurial instinct to present novel opportunities to an investors, buyers and sellers and the various role-players in the industry, linking my network to assist clients with diverse activities and portfolios.

I am the franchisee of the Namaqualand and the Diamondfields, assisting also the Kalahari in the middle of the two regions, covering the majority of the Northern Cape. I have been a part of the Pam Golding Family for nine years adding my total property experience to 14 years.


Live Remarkable.