Peter Llewellyn

Peter Llewellyn


I am Peter Llewellyn and proud to have been at the helm of Pam Golding Properties since it was established in Mauritius in 2001. Whilst fulfilling the role as director, I have also always retained a “connection” with our clients by being actively involved in the sales role. Since early 2018, in line with expansion opportunities presented, I have been dedicating my time to growing our new commercial division. This covers the sales and marketing of office, warehouse, industrial and retail premises, basically across the island but with the concentration being in the central region, Port Louis, the west and north coast.

With a previous background in industrial management, I found myself slotting into the real estate industry when my wife and I moved back to Mauritius in late 2000 and she was offered the opportunity to open the franchise of the company in 2001. I assisted her with the back end of the logistics and that was enough to lure me into this new industry on a full-time basis. I have found myself immensely enjoying the challenges on both sides of the business – management and sales – but learnt early on that you don’t succeed in this career if you treat it as a job. You need to treat it as a lifestyle. I believe I hold those criteria and, accordingly, I have made myself available for clients and staff alike 24/7! And I am not averse to catching up with work in the evenings or over weekends.

Pam Golding Properties has been morphing constantly here in Mauritius – adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market – and that has made the management side of the company invigorating. On the sales front, what is always rewarding is to be faced with new clients and circumstances daily. Meeting the clients is already a rewarding experience but being invited into their homes is enriching. I always find that being permitted to view someone’s private home requires an element of trust between the client and their agent and the sheer number of properties visited over my 19 years with the company is perhaps testament to the reputation that Pam Golding Properties has within the marketplace.


My personal characteristics border on the edge of being obsessed. I am obsessed with details, not just that of the client and their property but also how things are presented.  I also believe strongly in honesty and where/when appropriate that may result in me advising a client not to sell! Whilst a company does indeed need sales to survive, I believe honesty will win you more business in the longer term, even if you do advise a client not to sell today.


As part of the growing evolution of Pam Golding Properties in Mauritius, we opened a commercial division in early 2018 and my attention has shifted to growing this. Whilst the residential market requires more of an emotional investment and understanding, the commercial side of the business is more logical and accordingly requires a different approach. For someone who is more methodical in his approach, working this sector is filled with rewards and pleasure.


My magical ingredients for a successful life are to remain truthful and honest, and be confident and calm in my delivery. 


Live Remarkable.