Mark Brand

I am Mark Brand

I am Glenvista
I am the wind rustling through the trees.
I am the peals of laughter on the playground.
I am the hot chilli on a wood-fire pizza.
I am the sparkling blue swimming pools.
I am the magnificent golf course of Glenvista.

I am Glenvista agent, Mark Brand

Good day, I am Mark Brand and I have been working for Pam Golding Properties since 25 March 2019. I am specialising in the area of Glenvista Extensions 3 and 4. I am here to help you with any aspects of your property that you may require.

Prior to working for Pam Golding properties, I was a banker for 20 years having worked mainly in the credit department and in this position I became acquainted with various Estate Agents and got an understanding of the business. I also had dealings with the bond side of home loans when that was required for securing credit facilities. In this time I have gained a good understanding of the property industry and the processes involved in buying a property and getting it transferred into your name.

I have also been a Financial Advisor for some 6 years and again here I was largely involved with arranging life cover for home buyers to ensure that should anything happen to either of the parties there would be sufficient life cover to settle the outstanding bond so that the surviving spouse would not lose the property as well and be left homeless.

I have also worked on a project for the Department of Trade and Industries, through the Shintsha Project that lasted for some 18 months. At this time I travelled the country looking for carpenters to become employers for the group of people that were being trained to become carpenters. This was a very interesting time where I was in places like QwaQwa, Guguletu (Cape Town), Khayelethu (East London), New Brighton (Port Elizabeth) and Rensville (Kuruman), to name but a few.

I have also spent some time tutoring mathematic to students and I am happy to say that each of my student improved their mathematical understanding and achieved their respective goals.

As can be seen, I love meeting people and seeing what I can do to help them with their needs. Therefore the move to the real estate industry has been a smooth and effortless road. In everything that I do, I do to the best of my abilities and knowledge and in a professional manner, so please do not hesitate to contact me with your property requirements; I will be so glad and happy to help you.   

I love meeting people and seeing what I can do to help them with their needs.