Buying real estate in the United Kingdom is a sound investment opportunity for any home seeker. U.K. real estate includes apartments in major cities such as London, as well as housing developments and larger estates in outlying areas. In recent years, there has been a lot of foreign investment in U.K. property after a slow recovery following the global recession. Property prices in London are very competitive as there is a very high demand for property, creating London’s own property bubble.

Pam Golding Properties’ International Development in London is primarily focused on new residential properties and developments. Baltimore Wharf on the Docklands Skyline in London provides modern cosmopolitan apartments. Queen Mary’s Place in Roehampton, London has  modern apartments combined with the classic beauty of its baroque architecture. Pam Golding Properties’ other developments such as Trinity Place and 47 Park Street are also situated in key areas. Trinity Place is very accessible to London and is only one stop away from Wimbledon. 47 Park Street is situated in the exclusive Mayfair, London – within a short distance from Hyde Park and the theatre district.

Owning real estate in the UK provides access to first-world infrastructure, a highly efficient public transport system, modern healthcare facilities and renowned international schools and universities. London is also considered one of the shopping capitals of the world, with its modern supermarkets and shopping malls.

As one of the world’s largest economic and tourism hubs, the U.K. has a constant influx of tourists and businesses alike. Housing is always in demand, making it easy to find willing tenants or buyers for one’s properties in the future. Buying apartments, houses or even office spaces are great investment opportunities made possible by U.K. laws allowing foreign nationals to purchase property.

We have partnered with a leading UK property developer SevenCapital to offer our clients exclusive access to outstanding UK investment opportunities in key growth hotspots. They also provide a Turnkey property solution, supporting on everything from mortgages and tax, to furniture, property management and finding the right tenant. The Award-Winning Customer Care and Aftersales teams deliver a complete 360-degree service and act as a consistent point of contact during and after purchase. View more information in hotspot areas such as Slough or Bracknell.

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Festivals and Celebrations

Festivals and Celebrations

The U.K. offers an abundance of nightclubs, jazz bars and traditional pubs. The U.K. has a large number of world renowned music festivals that cover many different genres. Glastonbury is a five day music festival in Somerset, England which hosts famous musicians from around the world. Other popular events include the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, London Fashion Week, St Patricks Day, the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, and the Notting Hill Carnival.



The rich, cosmopolitan range of cultures is apparent in the diverse restaurants and eateries available in major U.K cities. From traditional Italian or Greek foods, to authentic Indian and Chinese cuisines, one can find a restaurant to suit any palate. Traditional British cuisine is substantial, simple and wholesome. Roast beef - the national culinary pride - is served at Sunday lunches.  It is also common to have four meals per day in the U.K.



The U.K has a wealth of world renowned attractions waiting to be explored.  London provides plenty to see, such as the spectacular panoramic views of the city from the top of the London Eye. The 150 year old Big Ben Clock and the Tower of London, home to the British Crown Jewels, are both notable attractions in London. Many also enjoy a visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, a tour of the famous Buckingham Palace or a trip to the West End.



The British are often characterised by their reserved nature, politeness, and unique humour. England, Scotland and Wales create a mix of rich cultures and accents. There is a cultural difference between those residing in the country and those living in metropolitan cities; however the countryside is increasingly seen as a recreational resource for city dwellers. Similar to South Africa, cricket is a very popular sports in the United Kingdom.

“London has held on to its reputation as one of Europe’s hippest capitals with new landmarks and trendy hotels, restaurants and clubs opening up all the time.”

Condé Nast Traveller

Living in United Kingdom


The U.K. has one of the largest economies in the world with a GDP of $2.5 trillion in 2014. The economy is primarily based on finance, manufacturing and trade. There are current debates as to whether the U.K. should join its EU partners in adopting the Euro in place of the Pound Sterling. The U.K. has one of the world’s most advanced financial sectors and is ranked the 13th freest economy in the 2015 world index.


As an island, the U.K’s surrounding ocean creates a varied climate that can surprise each day. The U.K.’s warmer months are mostly dry and mild, offering opportunities to picnic in the park or to explore the picturesque countryside. May, September and October have pleasant temperatures with less rainfall, while July and August are the warmest but also the wettest months. The sunniest parts of Britain are along the south coast of England.


The National Health Service or NHS is a system of universal health care coverage. Due to its efficiency, access to care, low-cost and quality of care, the NHS ranked as the top healthcare system out of 11 of the world’s wealthiest nations in 2014. Anyone who has lived in the U.K. legally for 12 months or more when starting treatment is entitled to free healthcare from the NHS. The U.K. also has excellent private healthcare.


The U.K.’s major local cities are relatively close to each other, along with the growth of low-cost airlines in Europe, it is possible to fly between them for a very reasonable price. The U.K. is served by a comprehensive national network of trains and long distance buses. A major benefit of owning property in the U.K. is that visiting European countries like France, Italy and the Netherlands is both a convenient and cost-effective possibility.

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