Since inception in 1997, Pam Golding Hotels has held a proud and impressive record of facilitating investments and sales of medium and large hotels in Southern Africa.

Through our services, we have assisted many high net worth individuals as well as large corporate clients, resulting in substantial foreign direct investment in a number of the Southern African countries.

Hotel sales and services

Our diverse company expertise allows us to act for buyers and sellers ranging from budget to 5 star luxury hotels in Southern Africa. Through our sister company, Pam Golding Tourism and Hospitality Consulting, we add a personal touch to the process and review the value and merits of each hotel property for sale. The result? Placing properties that are perfectly matched to a buyer; whether a corporate or private client.

New or Green Field Hotel Developments: 

Working with the in-house specialists at Pam Golding Properties, we analyse the most suitable use of a property or site to unlock maximum value in mixed-usage developments. We’ll also help take the hassle out of the process, offering fully integrated services from inception to feasibility, to the buying of hotels for sale, the procurement of finance or the procurement of a hotel operator.

Condominium Hotels, Timeshare and Private Residence Club Development: 

We ensure a fast and discrete selection of suitable hotel operators and our primary commitment remains rooted in the long-term success of the hotel and its owner. As the industry specialists in Southern Africa, we secure the owner’s interests in the selection and negotiation process with Hotel Operators for a management contract, lease or hybrid agreement.

Hotel Services Procurement: 

As the Southern Africa market leader in this field, Pam Golding Hotels is perfectly equipped with the appropriate expertise to consult in hospitality mixed-usage developments that range across Condominium Hotels, Private Residence Clubs, Fractional Ownership products and/or timeshare. If you have seen a hotel investment opportunity we can assist you in making your dream of owning a hotel come true.

Procurement of Capital: 

Looking to procure capital for Hotel development? Many feasibility studies prepared by Pam Golding Tourism and Hospitality Consulting have successfully been submitted by Pam Golding Hotels to a variety of Banks and Financial Institutions in order to obtain property finance. Seen hotel investment property for sale? Pam Golding Hotels can help you procure the capital for it.

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