Tall oak trees and parks, as well as the rows of Jacaradas, give Kingswood a wonderful aesthetic, contributing to a higher quality of living. The average price ranges from affordable houses and apartments on sale in Kingswood from R650 000 to more luxurious options up to R5 million and the area is popular with families, professionals and students alike. Recreational and educational facilities are numerous, which give Kingswood its unique role to play in the greater area.   The popular private school, Kingswood College, was founded in 1894 and caters for boys and girls from pre-school to bridging year.  Many recreational and sporting facilities are all open to the public, meaning there are plenty of fun activities for the family. 

Makhanda (Grahamstown) is culturally important to the history of South Africa with many original frontier farm houses still intact as well as Victorian-styled homes, of which many are nestled in Kingswood. Apartments and houses have easy access to the town’s centre, which often sees arts and cultural events, including the National Arts Festival, held here annually. Buying into the suburb of Kingswood is buying into a piece of history that will continue to sustain and grow in cultural importance. Kingswood apartments and houses come in a variety of architecture styles from modern extensions to classic design, ensuring that there will be something that steals your heart.

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There are many parks in the area, the most famous of which being the Curry Park which was donated to the town on the condition that it never be developed on. Tennis, football, hockey, cricket and tennis clubs all sit in the heart of this suburb ensuring you will never be without healthy outdoor activities to pursue.



Rich in history, the area has dozens of old prisons, forts and homesteads to visit, some dating back as far as two centuries. Affectionately known as Frontier Country, Grahamstown was once the gateway between the Cape frontier and the developing KwaZulu-Natal and continues to be important culturally to South Africa.



The town’s centre offers a wide variety of options to enjoy, including Mediterranean cuisine, Italian dining, coffee shops, steakhouses and Asian fusion. The area continue to grow with each passing year, attracting new and interesting tastes and smells.



Significant arts and cultural festivals take place annually, including the National Arts Festival and the SciFest Africa. Many institutions, including the Amazwi South African Museum of Literature (formerly known as the National English Literary Museum) and International Library of African Music, ensure that the region retains its cultural importance.

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Cradock Heights, Fort England, Hill 60, Makhanda (Grahamstown) Central, Oatlands, Oatlands North, Somerset Heights, Sunnyside, West Hill,


Kingswood has access to well-established and respectable private schools for boys and girls. Specifically Kingswood College, St. Andrew’s College and the Diocesan School for Girls are illustrious private schools that give children a great educational head start. Rhodes University is respected throughout South Africa for its 30 academic departments and has been consistent since 1904.


A short drive into town The Market Square Shopping Centre and Pepper Grove Mall are both located, offering major national supermarket franchises alongside speciality stores, restaurants and boutiques. Peppered throughout, many galleries and crafts shops offer art, furniture and books that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Primary and specialist treatments are available in both public and private offerings nearby. The refurbished Settlers Hospital is owned by Netcare privately and located a short drive away from the town centre. The Fort England Psychiatric Hospital is the public option in the area and presents a full-range of primary treatments.


The airport of choice for Grahamstown is Port Elizabeth International Airport, a distance of 134 kilometres away. Grahamstown is situated half way between East London and Port Elizabeth and acts as a gateway for many between Cape Town and Durban, and as such has access to one of the largest national roads in South Africa. The two coastal villages of Port Alfred and Kenton-on-Sea are situated only 60km’s away.

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