Don’t let its quaint charm fool you, Makhanda (Grahamstown) is a vibrant hub of cultural activity with many South African art lovers making a pilgrimage to its many galleries, auditoriums and museums, especially during the annual National Arts Festival. The property for sale, from houses to apartments, in Grahamstown Central places you at the heart of this creative Mecca. With a history dating as far back as the 1820s, and located in a region known affectionately as “Frontier Country”, Grahamstown is one of South Africa’s most historic towns. It is also home to Rhodes University and is the birthplace of South African journalism. Owning property in Grahamstown Central allows you to own a priceless piece of history, but that’s not all that’s going for this town! 

Makhanda (Grahamstown) Central’s commercial property gives savvy business owners the opportunity to make good use of an extremely healthy tourism sector and active community. A wide selection of houses and apartments for sale in Grahamstown Central attracts an eclectic mix of residents that complement this – students, artists, families, crafters and retirees all share in Grahamstown Central’s history and culture. Grab a morning cup of coffee on a balcony overlooking High Street and watch the town come to life, or lay out the picnic blanket in the Botanical Gardens – Grahamstown Central will soon win you over with its small town lifestyle. Find out more about the residential and commercial property for sale in Grahamstown Central now.

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Arts and culture

Arts and culture

Annually, you will be tempted by the SciFest Africa, National Arts Festival and the Grahamstown Flower Festival, to mention a few. Around every corner you will be invited into galleries where talented artists exhibit their prowess with a brush.



Built almost 200 years ago, the Artificers’ Square is a prime example of settler architecture in Grahamstown, but only one of many. Fort Fredrick, Fort Selwyn and the forts of Lord Somerset allow a glimpse into this town’s historic significance.



Grahamstown Central spoils residents with a choice of restaurants, proving that the culinary arts are not to be ignored.  Haricots Bistro and Deli, Rat and Parrot, Major Frazers and Saint’s Bistro are a few of the local favourites. 



The surrounding area is known for its rugged beauty, with diverse biological biomes protected by nature reserves. Safari opportunities are presented at lodges, Kwandwe and Shamwari Private Game Reserves are examples, and nature lovers will feel right at home surrounded by the expansive countryside on all horizons.



The spirit of pioneers has become the spirit of entrepreneurs in Grahamstown Central, with commercial property a particularly hot topic. This creative town has much to showcase and sectors such as tourism bring in a lot of opportunity for smart businesses to thrive.

Living in Makhanda (Grahamstown) Central

Areas near to Makhanda (Grahamstown) Central

Cradock Heights, Fort England, Hill 60, Kingswood Makhanda (Grahamstown), Oatlands, Oatlands North, Somerset Heights, Sunnyside, West Hill,


Grahamstown is the only town in South Africa where education is its primary income generator, due largely to the incredible private schooling options available. St. Andrew’s College, Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) and Kingswood College are just are few of the choices, and all have been running since the late 19th Century. Rhodes University boasts excellent tertiary facilities and a prolific faculty.


Not only are supermarkets conveniently presented in the CBD, but there are also dozens of interesting curio and specialty stores unique to Grahamstown. You will soon find yourself exploring stores filled with delightful handcrafted goods, rare books and more.


Settlers Private Hospital is a medical facility administrated by Netcare and provides excellent general and specialised treatments to residents.


Grahamstown Central lies on the N2 highway which connects it to East London and Port Elizabeth, both of which present national airports. Midway between these destinations, you’ll find Kenton-on-Sea, an idyllic holiday village. If it’s holiday access you’re after, living in Central Grahamstown offers you easy access to all of the Sunshine Coast’s holiday gems.

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