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House for sale in Lady Grey


Cosy three bedroomed house in the historic village of Lady Grey with fine views of the mountains. The garden has well-estabished fruit trees and a huge high-producing walnut tree... Read more

1,487 m²

120 m²

4 bedroom house for sale in Lady Grey


Spacious dwelling and large garden area complete with stock pens. Ideal for a very small flock of sheep or goats, a mini-smallholding in town! Level plot with deep top soil ideal for a flower garden and orchard.... Read more



1,487 m²

189 m²

777 m² vacant land for sale in Lady Grey


Level plot in the historical town of Lady Grey with garage/store-room needing tender, loving care located on a corner stand in a quiet area of the town. Has great views of the surrounding mountains and deep soil ideal for garden development.... Read more

777 m²

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