What is biodiversity gardening?

Biodiversity gardening is gardening to encourage and protect the stunning variety of plants and animals that occur naturally in your region. It promises increased health and safety, time and money savings and a powerful and enduring sense of environmental connection and wellbeing.

Within the pages of this guide, you will find a combination of fascinating and practical information on how to make changes, great or small, in order to increase the biodiversity of your garden. Not only does it guarantee to increase what is called your ‘Natural Capital’ by saving you time, money, your health and our future, but it also promises to gently persuade life and beauty to return to your cherished and most valuable material asset, your home.

The Guide to biodiversity in your garden aims to help you protect South Africa’s biodiversity, become eco-efficient and save money. Whether you start big or small, you’ll be making a difference. 

Download guide here.