Another year in St Francis, our 12th, is coming to an end ... an opportunity to reflect. The sudden announcement of the proposed nuclear power station being shifted from Thyspunt to Koeberg was probably the biggest event of our year.

Also, the unfortunate delay of the Special Rates Area, mainly needed to fund the solution for our beach erosion, now hopefully to be in place in July 2018, but possibly with a lower levy than originally envisaged.

Our drought is very serious, despite the countryside looking quite green.

The Sand River bridge construction is slow, and we will be delighted when they finally finish … and we will have a decent bridge for the first time since the flood in July 2011.

On the sporting front, the highlight was the 12th Pam Golding Ladies Open Golf held earlier this month, with a VW up on offer for a hole-in-one, sadly not won this year.

The inaugural Calamari Festival in September, coinciding with golf and other sports, was a great success, with the local calamari cooking competition the highlight, featuring the Pam Golding Team, and many others.

On the subject of calamari, the catches have been good this year, but soon after our last newsletter, there was a tragic calamari boat wrecked on the Wildside, sadly with loss of life.

On a lighter note, the Pam Golding Canals Winter Challenge was won by local Phil Smith with Matt Tebbutt from EL.