developments in Balaclava (Mauritius)

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royal-park-featured.jpg NON-RESIDENT PURCHASE

Royal Park Resort in Balaclava

From R12,249,208 (Rs29,000,000)

Thoughtfully situated amongst 90 hectares of rural parkland and a stunning beachfront, Royal Park is a unique residential resort overlooking the bay of Balaclava on the northwest coast of Mauritius.

thumbnail-exterieur_2-226x152px.jpg New Phase Launched NON-RESIDENT PURCHASE

Nine On Park in Balaclava

From R11,615,628 (Rs27,500,000)

Nine On Park is located on the North West corner of Mauritius in the secluded resort of Royal Park. The development can be accessed via the main entrance, however it is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac.

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