A welcoming city filled with magic, Lisbon proudly displays its status as the westernmost capital of the continent and the most inspiring: with its romantic labyrinthine streets and stories playing out on a cityscape overlooking the river. The light plays across the seven hills and merges with the vast cultural heritage: the historic, leisure and business districts. All this converges into a sensory atmosphere, authentic yet contemporary. 

The rare combination of an excellent location and a building which sees the “pombalina” tradition set in modern and elegant residential apartments, makes Cordon 31 Chiado one of the most exclusive and contemporary icons of modern architecture in Lisbon.
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Cordon 31 features

  • Developed by Stone Capital – who have successfully leveraged local expertise to develop several award-winning  developments.
  • Found in the historic centre of downtown Lisbon, number 31 Rua Vitor Cordonone is an exclusive residential apartment block.
  • ​Constructed after the earthquake of 1755, Cordon 31 was created in the Pombaline style, with stone, wood and arches giving stability and elasticity to its structure. Its architecture is inspired by the French cities of Reims and Lyon.
  • ​The 1 and 4-bedroom duplex apartments, with areas from 111-213m2, stand out for their large rooms, high ceilings and natural light.
  • ​The interior design favours the living and dining areas, which face south and west and afford sweeping river views. The bedrooms and bathrooms face north and east.
  • Combining traditional elegance with high-quality finishes, each apartment offers a refined lifestyle along with private parking and modern conveniences, such as air conditioning, elevator and fully-equipped kitchen.
  • Features include wooden flooring, traditional stucco walls, plasterboard ceilings, high-density tiled flooring, and bathrooms with limestone walls.

Unit Details


Size from


1-bedroom duplex

116 m²

Level 2 & 2

4-bedroom duplex

196 m²

Level 7 & 7

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